Atlas-65 Society of Archaeologists, Paleontologists and Salvagers


Keep it secret. Keep it safe. :mage:



Question: did you get all 3 treasures from the same site? When I opened 1 chest it automatically opened the other 2.


Part of the fun with these treasures we find is the variety in the description. I am hoping the Aquatic Treasures are not quite on par yet, as they are quite repetitive.


No, just one from each site.

However tracking them down is proving quite difficult, especially since two out of every three ruins are floating above sky, out of reach but with their hit box still in place under water.

Got trapped in a glass case of emotion earlier because of it :joy:


Have land based treasures suddenly dropped in value? (nerfed with1.7?)
Most of what I’m finding atm is under 200,000U.


I guess we can only tell if we find one already registered to compare value with. We have our own sheet, but there are a couple more out there we can compare against.


I have cleaned my filters six times now…


…but I still feel it inside me.






Just found one over 1.3 million yesterday, so the highest prices don’t seem to be nerfed. Doesn’t exclude that they adjusted the drop probabilities, but I don’t quite see why.


You know, those captions would have been really weird in combination with temps frozen tentacle… :rofl:


Yeah… my partner just got one that was 1,8 million so the good stuff is still out there…just not in my neck of the woods.


Finally. Finally found something older than 999 years.



I finally got to do some underwater archaeology.






I have invested the money earned from the expeditions of my youth to found my own Archaeological company.

I have employed a staff of 8 frigates full (yes sir, yes sir, eight frigates full) and their first expedition has bore fruit.


Truth be told, it took me three months to realise where those odd random artefacts and finds that kept showing up in my exosuit inventory were coming from.

It was from exploratory frigate expeditions. I blame the fact it goes in your personal inventory and not your freighters for throwing me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Ancient lifeform remains! So excited!Visions (new update)