Atlas-65 Society of Archaeologists, Paleontologists and Salvagers


Yeah those looked cool, hope there are a bunch of types


It would be nice if we found bits that fit into the history from the Monoliths and Plaques. Imagine how famous you would be if you found the remains of Hirk. :smile: But, that is prolly stretching it a bit…


One of things I mentioned in the survey for things I’d like to see added, was the discovery of more ancient (mostly unexplained) items of things we’ve never heard of previously.
It looks like they were already working in that direction.
Quite excited!

For me, the massive universe of NMS should have a huge selection of things to discover &/or stumble across. I truly don’t care if everything has an explanation or not.
I love those “What the heck is that?” moments.


Despite my best efforts to avoid image spoilers, this one is snapped from the vid.

Makes me wonder if we need ‘Paleontology’ added to this society’s topic title.
We were already finding the odd fossil but it looks as if a whole new wave of finds are soon to come.


Yes. We may have some reworking to do. Thankfully, I am currently sick, which excuses me from all duties and obligations tomorrow. As soon as the discoveries start rolling in, we will know what we are looking at. Interesting the video stated archaeology specifically. Of course, that could be a humanoid skeleton in the pic…I guess we will find out soon. :sunglasses:


I was thinking that there isn’t actually a word I’m aware of that covers the ‘study of extraterestrial remains’.
’Extraterrestrioligy’ maybe :grin:


I do wonder whether those skeletons have some procedural variation or if they’re just static models like the ruins.
I’d guess for now it’s the former.


Judging from the stratigrophy, probably at least 800 years old :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Having been involved in archaeology in RL, human remains are often among the things found and excavated at a site. Creature remains are often there as well. Humans because they lived there, creatures because they were eaten by the humans who lived there. Archaeology is really just a dig through ancient trash. Our trash says a lot about us. If these remains are simply from the local fauna or are the humanoids who lived there, this all still falls under archaeology. Paleontology is really a study of the ancient past, fossils, mostly looking into evolution. As far as I know, there is nothing in NMS that falls along those lines. For now, I am going to say we are safe staying just an archeological society since these seem to be more recent, identifiable remains.


I may have to get you to proof read my archaeology assignments so :wink:

Doing a training course and it’s one of the modules and I’m half on the fence of pursuing it further through university if I don’t go straight into tourism (the course helps us get our foot in the door etc).

Dont mind the pencil marks, they had us critiquing their poster for communications class this morning :blush:

This is why my presence on the forums and game has been a bit touch and go the last two months :smiley:


Living in your part of the world would be so much fun when it comes to archaeology. Here, it is mostly Native American, which I love since my great-grandmother was Choctaw. If you pursue tourism, I would think having some experience in Archaeology would make you the tour guide I would want. Once you have gotten into the ground and actually pulled the artifacts from it and touched history with your own hands, just talking about it is not the same. To really be able to understand the history of a place, you need to be in there uncovering it.
I can’t explain the thrill of uncovering and mapping out artifacts in a pit. But, that is me. :blush: Maybe you prefer to avoid the dirt and sweat. :grin:

Also, I am not sure how it works there but here, you get a log book and are required to hit a number of benchmarks, like discovering an unknown site, and pursuing classes in the field like surveying and lab work (cleaning and labeling) before you can become certified. Once certified, you can actually get paid…until then, it is all volunteer.


Our module just really covers the methodology and regulations and history of archaeology in Ireland and sometime next year we’ll get to visit an active site and shadow the archaeologists.

There’s a fantastic digital resource at

You can view Ireland through modern maps, satellite maps or historical maps and switch between them all on the fly, it has every landmark and monument as well as links to the files of the archaeological reports. As far as I know this project is still on going so I think they’ve only completed Dublin 100% so far or I may be confusing tjwt with the heritage website.

We used to have an Independant board regulating things but in the late nineties some minister prick with too much power and a lot of friends in hotel and business development etc decided to change the law, so that he would have the final say on whether this road or that building development should be surveyed before construction begins so there’s a lot of politics and conflict these days which is quite sad but there’s a push to take that control away.

Ah yes, it was heritage maps that just has Dublin arch uploaded but they want to do the whole country, the difference between this and arch dot ie is on archaeology site you have to search a town ship before you see markers, where as on heritage all the former and current dig sites are on display immediately.

I think you’d get a kick out of using these sites and discovering stuff; celts, vikings, Norman’s, Anglo saxon settlements all built on top of one another :slight_smile:

For example here is the small village and neighbouring village I grew up in (and have presently moved back to temporarily :joy:), each star is a known dig and you can get the full report on it and all paper work digitally.

Oh and one other key difference between the heritage arc maps project and the archaeology Ireland website is heritage maps just has actual sites where digs took place, archeology dot ie has landmarks, monuments, digs and rumored or supposed locations of sites as gleemed from texts and artefacts etc.

I love looking at the old maps on arc the most :heart_eyes:


Nice! Bookmarked. We have a Federal law which states all sites must be excavated before any work can continue. Most sites are stumbled upon during clear-cutting etc…However, we are only given a 2 week window of opportunity in which to dig. Move in full-force and full steam ahead. If it turned out to be a major find, I am sure other laws would kick in.
Updated NMS…sharpened my trowel. Off to see what I can find! Happy digging everyone!


It works similarly here but developers are often bribing that one minister who holds all the weight, our tutor was a commercial archaeologist for 12 years but got out of the game because the underhanded tactics were so heart breaking.

On my bus home now, will be joining you from beyond the ps4 dimension very soon, I wonder if our scanners got a geophys upgrade? :slight_smile:


My first find.

The important stuff


Finally found a new site! Will report back.

Okay. You do not need to worry about destroying your find. TM will not affect it.

Here is what I found


hmm interesting things you got there! Storm Crystals? Capillary Shells? Calcishroom? :joy:
Oh boy… so many things I still don’t know… I feel like a newbie… or wait. Maybe I am one ? LOL


Make sure to check well, there could be more than one!


Huh, a thousand years isn’t exactly what I’d call “ancient”…


My home planet is filled with Natural Burial Sites. They are literally all over the place, as if all buried technology has been replaced with these new ones.

Also noticed how Delicate Flora has changed colour from bright green to dark purple.