Atlas-65 Society of Archaeologists, Paleontologists and Salvagers


I have updated the Google Sheet but I am missing values for the below collected items. Do me a favour and let me know in a reply, or edit the post if possible.

@toddumptious: DUCKOAK SEEDS




131,978 units for the DuckOak seeds :slight_smile:


Here you go,

And thankyou to you and the other regulars who keep this place organized. :ok_hand: :+1: :star_struck:


Thanks @toddumptious and @DarthBane2016, much appreciated :wink:



Gek Paleontology


THIS is the best thingI ever done in No Man’s Sky…
Some of you know that I am poor fellow, but this was before :sweat_smile:

Yesterday I jumped from 38M.U to 46M.U!! and here are my favorite skeletons!

And they’re not so difficult to find!!



Please be reminded to include the value or make a screenshot of the item from inventory, so it can be included in the Google Spreadsheet.

Edit: Silly me just noticed you actually did both :roll_eyes:








Nice value find :+1:


I have updated the Google Spreadsheet and noticed we now get items with the same name. We have 3x ‘EXCEPIONAL SKELETON’, but each having different descriptions, ages, and values.

Keep 'm coming!



I noticed this as well after doing a lot of skeleton digs, seems to be a low name selection pool and more categorical than anything. Same with the salvage/crashed satellites.