What are some of your favorite games, besides NMS?


Here is a video about Golden Sun. I agree with the video maker, it’s my favorite JRPG of all time.


I will always remember this final boss music from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. My mind always goes to it when I’m thinking of what final boss music should be.


I had to add the one from Portal 1 to that:


Aaero -2nd Level Pure Sunlight


Super Hot - VR and console… Surprisingly fun story and files to go through.



Oh Witcher 3! How could I forget!


I have Fallout 4, and just bought Skyrim Special Edition today on Steam sale for $20. Haven’t played this series since Oblivion. Think No Man’s Sky might collect a little dust for a while.


So far? Hmm…

-Killing floor 2
-Destiny (1 & 2)
-Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
-Mirrors Edge Catalyst
-Final Fantasy 13

And… that’s it!


I love ARK here’s my lodge


love it heres mine

7 days to die
Fallout 3
Fallout 4
Dig Dug
Combat (lol Dated)


Nice, I have no likes left, but that is very cool looking.


I’ll just add that some of the games mentioned here are on sale on Steam for the next week.

…just in case people need something to keep themselves occupied until late July.


I used to sit with headphones in my Game Boy listening to this girl sing Ballad of the Wind Fish for hours.

Then later, the orchestral version.

The first and one of the few game endings to make me cry.


Oh my glob mac :heart_eyes: I did that too with the girl singing windfish, it will forever remind me of dentist waiting rooms, having a good memory related to dentists feels weird :joy:

Links awakening and wind waker (original GCN version) are probably my favourite zelda games. Followed by ocarina and the tloz on snes. I didn’t like the remake of wind waker one bit, I thought the new lighting detracted from the aesthetic so much. The “realistic” bloom lighting made everything ugly in my opinion, the GCN version still looks timeless and beautiful.


Took me a little while to get my head around the graphics of the original Wind Waker, but then I was hooked.

That was quite a chill experience, just sailing to an island instead of warping was a great experience. Everyone’s in such a hurry nowadays…


I remember when it was revealed, a lot of angry people. Most had their first taste of Zelda with Ocarina on n64 so seeing it revert back to the bright tones and simplicity of a snes era Zelda was jolting for a lot of people. I think as well, ocarina came out just as my generation were maturing into puberty so it felt like a mature angsty game with rich detailed graphics to play and wind waker for some people was just kids stuff in comparison and we were trying too hard to be grown up and above that.


Star citizen.
Wall Street raiders.
Crusader kings 2,
Capitalism lab
Home world,
Rome vae victis


I had both on Genesis - two of my fave games… and NMS definitely has a Starflight vibe.


Horizon Zero Dawn
Among the Sleep
Halo (all of them lol)
Borderlands 1 and 2
The Sims


Shenmue! And the HD versions of both 1 & 2 comes out Tuesday!