What are some of your favorite games, besides NMS?


I’ve had so little time to play Astroneer that I have not yet, not once, managed to get off the origin planet. lol

I have however made a small rover and of course immediately fallen down a hole into the centre of the planet. It’s what I do in NMS, too. :`D

Edit: Also I start off with at least three research thingies, asap.


Tenchu Stealth Assassin…have not thought of that in ages…loved it.
Mass Effect all the way
Fallout 4 even though it made me depressed, all the Geiger counter noise
Original Tomb Raider and the newest series (please forget the ones in between)
Uncharted series is I think, my favorite series of all time. I have a crush on Sully…:smile:
Ni No Kuni, both of them
All the Lego games cause I love busting the blocks to bits. so much fun
Elder Scrolls, Oblivion and Skyrim, I still can’t eat a sweet roll without guarding it
All Zelda games, the original Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and a ton of oddball games like
EarthBound, yes I still have my original copy plus the strategy guide with the scratch and sniff collectable cards…mmmmm…stinky socks…
Mr. Mosquito, all the Katamari games…a slew of DS games like Hotel Dusk and all of the Professor Layton games…
I could go on…but I won’t …:sweat_smile:


How could I have left out katamari damacy? So weird and so fun.


I want an infinite procedurally generated universe to roll up


I know. like, why is it so hilarious to hear people screaming as you roll them up into a giant ball? If I could do that for real, I would sooooo do it!


There needs to be more games like Sanity’s Requiem. Too few games actually make the player think they are going crazy.


Besides NMS, let’s see… with the most recent at the top:

Been hooked on PUBG (especially the new Sanhok map!)
Quake Champions
Quake Live
Zelda BOTW (CEMU emulator on PC)
Space Engineers
Star Citizen (given up on recently when they upped the RAM req to 16GB - I’ll get back into it when I can afford a hardware upgrade)
Skyrim (heavily modded on both “Oldrim” and SE)
DOOM (2016)
Cities Skylines
Elite Dangerous
Portal 1/2
HL2DM and of course all of the other HL games

I won’t go all the way back to the old DOS catalogue.


Here are my favorites:

-Destiny 1 and 2
-Starbound (Imagine if Terraria and NMS has a baby)
-Portal 1 and 2
-Titanfall 2
-Team Fortress 2


Fable, Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur, Witcher 3, Jak and Daxter, DMC 3 are a few that spring to mind for me :slight_smile:


Tenchu Stealth Assasin! woooot :full_moon:


Games that took a lot of my time:
Half-Life series (I have them all - add-ons, fan remakes, the lot. Black Mesa is amazing).
Portal 1 & 2
Original Thief series (not the recent remake).
Deus Ex series (The first was by far the best. Graphics are dated now, but I still love it).
Risen series.
Elder Scrolls series (but, sadly, not ESO. I did give it a good try, but…).
The Witcher series. First two were good, but obviously early attempts. Witcher 3 was just astonishing.

Games I found really interesting:
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
Dear Esther
The Stanley Parable
Antenna (free on Steam -small, fun, atmospheric).


Aw hell, that one seriously cut into my whiskey reserves. Thing is, my wife’s name actually is Esther.


How could I forget the Portal games. Great games with the best musical ending ever :smile:


It took me ages to grab that song out of the original game.

I always thought they should have released it. It’s good enough to have charted.

Nice one. :grinning:


So many great games I’d totally forgotten about being mentioned here!

I used to spend hours on Dungeon Keeper as well, guess I just love base-building


Here is a good video about Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. I’ll never forget this game.


Who doesn’t?

Big fan of Nuaghty Dogs games, loved the uncharted series. Avoided the multiplayer as I never felt it was that sort of game and felt like they had it out of a obligation to gamers expectations but I believe they put as much effort into it as they do with all things.

Been thinking long and hard about a list of games since I seen this thread go up and been finding it quite difficult.

I adore the early final fantasy games, Nobuo Uematsus music being one of the better things about it. I’d say FFX was the last one I properly enjoyed but the company hasn’t been the same really since the Enix merger and I think FFIX was probably the last one I’d consider a true game of the series.

Love all the early lucas arts adventure games, I’ve seen a few pop up on the list here. Very fond memories of Full Throttle especially, it was a little more mature dialogue wise and I was just at that pre teen age where it was taboo and risqué even though in hindsight the dialogue isn’t too crude.

I tend to follow developers and teams rather than titles, so if the key people responsible for the vision of an IP are no longer present, I usually follow them and see what they do next. Peter molyneux s become an exception to that rule :see_no_evil:

So big fan of Tim Schafers games obviously :slight_smile:

Really love supergiant games.
All incredible games that tell their stories in unique ways with some of the best video game music I’ve heard in years coming from Darren Korb and no doubt Ashley Barrett will cameo in there somewhere (or in the case of transistor, her voice being a focal point of the gameplay and story)

Portal 1 & 2 are probably two of the best games I’ve ever played and I’ll always ensure I have a way to play these games into old age.

Minecraft was another big one for me.

I see some tenchu mentions :slight_smile: I wanted to be rikkimaru when I grew up :joy:

Really like 4X games, especially Sci fi based ones so love old XCOM and the reboots weren’t half bad.

I like the total war series. I played shogun when it first came out and feudal Japan is probably my favourite era for that game to do. My present technology and the requirements never lined up so I could never play Rome etc.

Since getting a decent pc 2 years ago I got shogun total war 2 and I’ve bought all the total war Warhammer games and content. I play 40k tabletop on and off most my life.

Speaking of tabletop games it varies what and when I play because I don’t have a steady group to do it with but my last room mate had about 18 quintillion cards and decks for magic the gathering so used to play that a lot.

Still dreaming I’ll have a group to learn D&D with some day :slight_smile:

Big fan of single player narrative games be they linear or open, once there’s artistic vision and style and strong characters or solid immersion, I’m there :slight_smile: no time for silly digital war games. Unless they make an enders battle room game and it’s good ;0;

Elder scrolls, mass effect 1&2, fallout, etc are Al enjoyable, currently revisiting skyrim in VR.

Love the old resident evil games that had a fixed camera position. Part of horror comes from a lack of control and I feel the latter games gave you too much. Sort of disappointed the resi 2 remake will have 4/5/6 gameplay, was hoping they’d give it same treatment as the resi one remake on gamecube and lock in those eery shots.

Resi seven however is a return to form though a little trope-y with the American horror elements. Terrifying in VR, even just walking down an empty hallway.

I need to stop before I go on but I know I’m leaving out some major cornerstones, basically if I liked your post I probably loved the games you mentioned if not some.


I had a blast playing P1 and 2! I’d forgotten. This thread is bringing back memories of fun times!


Oh, the feels! lol :laughing:


spent many a session with the family playing MtG! So fun. Mal has boxes and boxes of cards and we add to those every new version.
Also got the game for the iPad and played that for awhile.

Wow! Thank you! I think you just nailed something for me. Horror anything just turns me off.