What are some of your favorite games, besides NMS?


Skyrim… I can still remember catching my dog eating the game… :dizzy_face:


How the hell I left Shenmue I will never know, I had so much fun on the Dreamcast with the first one!


Well get the HD versions coming out Tuesday!


Oh I will. Eventually! NMS has captivated me :smiley:


Well after playing No Man’s Sky for 2 years I’m okay with taking a break LOL.


I donated to a Kickstarter to create a new Bard’s Tale game. Recently, part of the tier I picked, I am getting the original Bard’s Tale games I, II, III in a “revised” form via Steam. I’ll probably be playing Bard’s Tale I again but the other two were just too hard (timed quests, extensive teleporting traps, etc).

Also, the guild in which I belong (The Older Gamers) have members who have started playing Neverwinter Online again so I’m helping them form a guild there (we originally had 100+ playing that game on release).

And I’ve been playing Elder Scrolls Online since closed alpha/beta testing! -)



World of Tanks
World of Warships
Tank Stars
Zombs Royal
The Battle Cats
Star Wars: Force Arena

Okay, that’s more than I thought. :rofl:


One extra thing: I HATE FORNITE


Same; I’m into all of those sandbox games.


Mount & Blade: Warband
War of the Roses
Avorion - great space sim!
Stardew Valley
Graveyard Keeper
Fable 2
Fallout 1
X-Com: Julian Gallop edition
Invisible Inc.

And since we’re adding board games too: