Weekly Community Event Season One - General Discussion, tips and Feedback


Strangely, I’ve been getting double missions the last couple days. As in, I picked ‘destruction’ both days and in addition to the normal destroy plants/depot mission, I got a second destroy plants mission both days (with corresponding quicksilver reward). Has anyone else experienced the same?


I have had as many as three at one time. The one that I chose for the day, one that was from the day before and another that I had not selected for at least a week. For me, only the current day’s activity gave me quicksilver.


I seem to have had an extra two weeks added on to my available research time.

Yesterday it told me the task had another 1 day 8 hours to run. Now it says 14 days 12 hours.

It seems we haven’t been working hard enough, so they’ve increased our sentence.


What will happen this weekend?


Nobody gets the Gek helmet and it leads to a galactic uprising. The Anomaly is plundered and Polo’s robot is flung into space to forever peddle it’s wares to nobody but the occasional passing asteroid. Dark times.


Or they’re not that as far along with the next update as they thought they’d be… :smile:


32% into Tier 3 on PC.
How many have just been hangin’ out at the same planet doing the same task everyday? :raised_hand:
I found a nice toxic planet with storms and salvage. I have become lazy…


I just happened to have one of my bases on my main save on an extreme radioactive planet with salvaged tech. After finding all of the new collectibles from exotic planets, I have been parked there daily…perhaps around 25 days.


Xbox completed tier 3


Tier 3 is currently 76% on PC. Weren’t they supposed to be aggregating all players on all platforms?


Hrmm, as of 4 hours later, PC is at 74%… Oh noes, we’re going sdrawkcab!


:grinning: If sdrawkcab isn’t a word, then it should be. :grinning::grin:


Is that the same as ‘drawing the short straw’ or ‘the short end of the stick’? :smile:


That was my intial thought when the events started, but it’s apparently harder to do than I realized


PC up again to 79%





Still no news, What’s happening?


PC 98%
I suppose we have to reach 100% on all platforms first.
PS4 at 90%
Still 5 days to go til the end of the event.


Interesting, makes sense. It buy’s them time


PS4 seems to get 6-7% each day currently. So, I expect them (us) to finish tier 3 last on Sunday.


I wish we could do more a day, so i really think this is to buy HG time