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For me it’s currently a white page. I assume something went wrong at their provider. Or the WordPress running their site got hacked. They might be upgrading their wordpress.

In any case the domain has not expired. So it will be an infrastructural problem.

The galactic Atlas is still running on the same domain: https://galacticatlas.nomanssky.com/


A 500 indicates that the server is there, but the request caused an unhandled error. Something definitely went awfully awry with their page, which, by the way, does not appear to be a wordpress page. Judging by the response headers, the server at least claims to be an ASP.NET server. I’m not quite sure why anybody would build a simple website on ASP.NET, but stranger things have happened.

In any case, considering the nature of the error, the fact that it seems to be built on ASP.NET, and my general experience in these matters, my best guess would be that the database is shot.
No biggie, especially for something simple as a website. It might just be that the DB is alright but the server currently can’t connect to it because somebody updated the connection string and made a typo (very easy thing to do in ASP.NET. Like, seriously, I hate those connection strings), or if the DB is gone for some reason, they’ll have backups. Presumably. Because everybody should.

At the end of the day, this is nothing to worry about. Happens all the time.

Aaaand… the forum automatically converts all my references to ASP.NET into hyperlinks. Is this forums framework written by microsoft, per chance??


I guessed they used wordpress because there are references to wordpress in the source of the pages:

<meta name=“twitter:image” content=“https://www.nomanssky.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/homepage-next-2560-1180.jpg” />

It looks like wordpress structure, but this can be inherited from their previous site.

In any case, service seems to be restored.

Edit: Bad English


If we’re talking about this one:

It’s working OK for me, here in the UK, using Firefox under Windows 7. It was working up until around midnight yesterday, too.


Works for me on Android though it does have a long white flash when I click on the individual release logs…but that could just be my internet


Working for me now too.


Nah, I can see now that the page runs on PHP, which definitely means it’s not an AspDotNet application. Maybe it’s running behind a load balancer on azure or something… Or maybe somebody just put that header in there for giggles.


I think it’s due to the parts of the site being run on azure. Which is Microsoft. Probably their back-end uses asp.net

Edit: @jedidia I did not read your response correctly. Let me rephrase that to: “Indeed”


Thank you guys. Indeed it works for me again… aww you know, still and always having Loop16 on my mind…
Like Mariah once said, all I want for christmas is youuu haha
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For those interested in the website design for NMS, I suggest you check out Moov2:


We leveraged Microsoft’s Azure cloud services to host the site on a scalable, robust environment.

Ha, got you!
Hosting a worpress site on azure seemed like an absurd idea to me until I found out that azure does in fact provide Linux VMs. When last I looked at azure (admittedly that was about 5 years ago), using azure meant pretty much either having a windows VM (trouble you don’t want, at a price you don’t want it) or lock yourself into AspDotNet and MS-SQL body, mind and soul… Looks like they realised that you can’t have a successful cloud platform like that.


Current Standing on PC: 28/12/2018 : 12pm


Yup, was happy to see that last night - bought the plants right away. For the first time I got a “tier complete” message too, yay!

Checking the Galactic Atlas, XBox is currently at 13% tier2, PC is 4% tier2, and PS4 is 91% tier1. At this rate nobody is getting the Gek helmet, but the terrarium should be doable on all platforms (which is good 'cause I always wanted a pet blob).


This is also my first time receiving the Tier Complete message…makes me wonder if all my work counted in the last event.


People must be returning/recovering from Holiday. :tada::clinking_glasses:


I saw the big jump on PS4, also. However, I don’t see how we will make up enough percentage in 5 days to unlock the Firs Spawn helm.


Had to be an adjustment on HG’s side. I was on in the morning and it was just a small typical increase from yesterday. A few hours later it was high-80s on PC.


PC - Tier2 complete - Terrarium available


As of 30 minutes ago, PS4 was at 99% for tier 2.

Will any platform complete tier 3 for the First Spawn Battle Mask? If not, I wonder if we will get another attempt at it.


20h35 GMT 08/01/2019 with about 1.5days to go - PC: