Weekly Community Event Season One - General Discussion, tips and Feedback


Well, they have definitely been ‘working their socks off’ so I hope they took a nice break during the holidays.


PC 99%…almost there! :tada:

Tier 3 100% on PC…:confetti_ball::tada:


I like the community events in general but they have an unwelcomed side-effect for me. I love to explore, so I nearly always choose to Explore. But, at least for this event, the choices just alternated between discover new star systems and discover new planets. I have a real life so can’t devote hours on end to the game daily.

The result: As many others before me (it seems from the evidence as I travel) I rush to find a new star system , maybe scan the planets/moons, then choose another system to warp to. That means I am not really exploring a system, for example.

I started by trying to both complete the daily mission and explore thoroughly, as I prefer. That’s a no-go. I can’t do both in a reasonable time. So in order to complete daily missions, I discover systems, maybe land on one planet, the move on. Since the missions seemed to alternate between discovering systems and planets, I’d go back to visited systems and discover planets. But the angst persisted.

There is still no time to really explore a system and its planets and still complete the daily missions.

Now if the daily missions rotated among discovering systems, discovering planets, discovering all fauna, discovering rare fauna, and similar, I would be able to really explore and also complete missions. I have submited a suggestion today. You never know…

Does anyone else feel this same unease at being forced out of systems or off planets on daily Community Research EXPLORE missions or is it just me?


Yeah i hear you. Very similar to me.

My approach is to scan planets looking for special types ie with anomalous animals or buried bones etc. Else I zoom through and try not to worry much about what i may have missed.

Try to reassure myself that wonderful worlds await and enough amazement is still to come.


I found a toxic planet with storms and salvage so I have been taking the first option every time. This makes the daily mission quick and easy but also keeps me grounded in one place. The up side is that it has allowed me to spend time exploring that system which has 5 planets and 2 moons.


Yes. I am playing Stardew Valley right now. :smile: I am ready for the event to wrap up so we can move on to the next thing.


I’ve been playing roughly an hour of NMS each day. 15 minutes to fill my daily QS quota, and 45 minutes exploring.

I agree, the community task makes it hard to get into anything serious, so I haven’t been bothering.

The rest of my gaming time, I’ve been playing Elex. Old-school, hard core RPG stuff. Like the better games from 20 years ago (think Thief - The Dark Project, or the original Deus Ex). Really hard, really frustrating, and very enjoyable.


Die…die…die…die…yipeee! this is so much fun…DIE…:+1:


Yep. You die a lot to begin with. It doesn’t hold your hand, and it doesn’t tell you the rules. All the enemies you will meet are in the game world from the start, and whilst you level up, they don’t. So right from the start, when you are level 0, you can turn a corner, and walk into a level 40 enemy. Challenging.

Games have changed over the years. Modern games cost so much to produce, that the developers can’t afford to alienate anyone. They have to dumb everything down, in an attempt to appeal to the maximum possible audience. And an awful lot is lost in that process.

Elex doesn’t play like a modern game. It doesn’t even look like a modern game. The graphics wouldn’t have been considered cutting edge 10 years ago.

But by golly it’s complex. And it’s difficult. And it’s interesting. And it’s huge.

Don’t pay full price for it. But when it’s on sale…


Ps4 complete


I’ve got 2 normal mode games & have managed to jump on fairly regularly & get both Community Event chores done within about half an hour.
Unless I have time to Explore properly, I don’t choose that option.


Is there a new Event? Haven’t been on in a while. :frowning_face:


Not that I have seen. However, I have not been on today to check (PS4).


Just the same event for the last month. It should have ended yesterday. Have not checked today due to technical issues. Will check as soon as I get home.


The event has ended today. I had a download on the GOG multiplayer experimental channel, but no idea what was changed.


Nothing on Steam.


Ended on PS4. Nothing new replaced it.


Thanks! We will just have to make are own. Everyone run around and take pictures of one rainbow :rainbow: from 7 different color star systems :star2:, ensure to include a hidden rock creature in at least one. Time limit… A year and some. I kid. What was your guys favorite event?


I lazily stuck with the first option as it rotated between storm crystals and salvage and made myself a tidy sum of units which I spent on several new frigates and an A class hauler…saw one S class hauler but it got away before I could get to it.


I didn’t understand the need for a daily time limit. It meant that whatever mission I started, I had to finish it that play session or lose out on the QS. There was no room to get lost on an adventure, or to get sidetracked in a cave, or to walk over the next ridge… just to see what was there… which is kind of the essence of NMS. It’s not that the missions were hard, but I can easily spend weeks exploring a system, and when the mission is to warp 4 times, there is no way I can explore all those systems in the hour I might have to play that day. I felt like the daily time limit lessened the experiences and crammed them into 10 minute chores.

Anyhow, the storm crystal collection was my favorite, some of those storms were absolutely brutal.