Waking Titan Meme Compilation


Not a meme but still funny for me^^




Posted this to Reddit too, thought you might appreciate it.

Me reloading my save in 1.3 like…


Sentinels are the pigeons of No Man’s Sky…
(I realize this isn’t exactly a Waking Titan meme, but close enough, right? :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe we should consider a name change to the topic?)


So true hahaha


banana for scale!



I wasn’t sure where to post this, found it while scrolling through my very inactive twitter feed. During NMS’s development, for a full 3 years the hype had me so bad that any time I ordered takeaway online, this or a variation of this, were the names given. Sometimes it was Noman Polanski etc etc.

Click here for context

On my way, to the Pilgrim Star…


I know it’s the “waking titan” meme compilation but I figure its good for any and all etarcian related banter and injokes…

I dunno but I think this post is worth reserving.

Context for this was when we were still looking for a home for the ETARC hub (before @Mad-Hatter found the universal skid mark)


Mr. Noodles is fucking with us!

@itzandp Sorry itzandp, only seen your edits of this with the captions after, feel free to share them here too, for archiving reasons :wink:


With pleasure




Most of the credit to @Polyphemus for doing the legwork of photoshopping the original masterpiece.


Thank you. Always nice to get a mention.

And the titles work really well. The third one, particularly, did it for me. Good job.


I have just seen this! awsome :slight_smile:



Beyond the Wall of Atlas Passes, Emily smiled while Mr Noodles wondered if she would ever see the light of Bob again…


All of the Canadian Citizen Scientists today:


Sean Murray is so very much like Willy Wonka too. He was loved by so many, then when he got burned he went into hiding. Then he announces he is giving golden tickets to lucky winners. Next he starts murdering children til the lone survivor gets to inherit his company?


And then he’ll introduce the flying elevator. One of the rarest spaceships in the Universe. It’s so special, it’s classified as A, B, C, and S, and has a hyper drive capable of travelling through space and time.

Floor 948E-0070-B088-LEM4 please!


I’m Canadian, didn’t get mine… hopefully the mail was late and I was indeed chosen to receive one of the 10 000 golden tickets.


There’s still hope, you should know this week! Could be worse, you could be across the pond like @toddumptious or @Polyphemus , poor fellas probably have a week before they find out! (Sorry guys! :sweat:)