Noodles update!


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Some of you now know but about halfway through the ARG, I was informed that Mr. Noodle was, in fact, Ms. Noodle. It became the real secret of the ARG but I think you are old enough to know the truth. Due to the high level of community interest, I can inform you that Mr.Noodle is in good health and used the wheel today. I have seen a lot of people point out some of Alice & Smiths other work but we do have something new we are working on you can take a look at, it is called Nite Team 4. If you are interested you can download the 0.8 Alpha for free on our website I truly enjoyed every message and meme everyone wrote so thank you.
You can follow Ms. Noodle on Instagram here
The account will be updated with a new photo at 3pm every day of course
PS My real name is Robert so chat naming me Bob was quite close to the mark
PSS I have no control of an AMA but if you want one say so that will make it more likely - “Kylo” Bob

Praise the Bob


We love you Bob!! :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


Sure! An AMA (Ask Me Anything) via Reddit would be fun! I mean, you (he) is famous after all :wink:


I am so happy to hear that you will keep us updated on Miss Noodles!! The saddest thing about the live feed ending for me was that I would never see her again lol. I know that sounds silly, but after watching her for 70 plus hours, she kind of feels like my own pet <3


Excuse me for being a dirty heretic for daring question, but what part did Mr(s). Noodles play in the ARG anyway?


It showed continuity on a 72 hour live feed.

Having an adorable and unpredictable living thing on camera would show any cuts or edits. At least that’s how I read it.


I might be wrong, aside from being the cutest mascot i’ve seen in a while, id say to maybe show its a live feed.


I live feed with life feeds :hamster:


Incase anyone doesn’t check the thread, I just wanted to note that I spoke to Robert and it is confirmed that the post is actually made by him.


They should just let us take turn watching over ms.noodle like a etarc pet lol


he was a she all along!



Funny hamsters next step for mr noodles


I know where the Atlas Passes are.


Mr Noodles new home.