My Noodles

So when we were analyzing the Elizabeth video I kept hearing the phrase “my noodles”, first with the 3rd video, and again in the 5th video. I dismissed it as ridiculous until I saw “noodles” was a message on the Stern show. I don’t know whether that validates my interpretation, or whether they saw it and decided to have a laugh.

But on a lark I decided to search Shanghai (mentioned in the first Elizabeth livestream) and there is a My Noodles restaurant there. map location

I don’t know whether this is a clue or pure coincidence, but thought I’d put it out there.

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To quote the Citizen Science Division survey:

‘‘Do you believe in coincidence?’’

EDIT: In case it isn’t known by everyone already, NOODLES is also an anagram for OLD ONES. I believe it could be relevant. There’s still A LOT of loose ends for Phase 01.

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It was brought to my attention that there is a meme joke in the NMS community about noodles because one of the first Waking Titan radio stations had an ad for noodles, and apparently these people think the noodles code was a shoutout to that.

That seems a bit dubious to me, assuming my ears are right and Elizabeth says “noodles” in her old videos. Why would they use a meme joke in those serious videos? Especially since “noodles” is an anagram for Old Ones?

So yeah, I agree that sometimes coincidence is more than coincidence. The fact that noodles keeps popping up in this ARG makes me lean towards this being intentional.

I keep hearing mindfulness.

Maybe a reference to this mythical noodle?


I guess I’ll post this here when it comes to the 6e6f6f646c6573 (noodles) clue left on the Howard Stern radio show. Could the Noodle Incident have anything to do with it?

Edit: One Real Life Noodle Incident is of course the creation of the Universe. We still don’t know what exactly happened with 100% certainty.


@KCrosley made a good suggestion that “my noodles” was an extremely distorted “my name is”, with the distortion adding a “d” sound on top that made it sound like noodles. This interpretation makes a lot of sense, though I’m not 100% sure either way.

It is bizarre though that noodles keeps appearing in this ARG. I never heard of the meme until after I’d already been hearing ‘noodles’ in the audio.

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Does anyone actually know which radio ad had it shown as ‘noodles’? Also, what did the other radio ads show?

Edit: Apparently ‘noodles’ came with the very first ad. See:

I really like this concept. Thx for sharing. I think k it can be applied to the nms universe as well as noodles coming up in the arg and now we got a noodle loop.

That original post said that the series of letter was displayed…I thought the ad was on a radio show. So how was it displayed to be seen? Was the guy that posted that making it up and nobody caught that fact? I’m very confused how letters are visually displayed on a radio ad? It didn’t say it was in a spectrograph…

I just went to the game detectives site and got the link to the first Stern ad. Listened to it and it had the Morse code for probabilistic computing. No mention of any string of letter on the site or in the audio. I think the guy that posted that letter string was trolling us…

Most of us were listening to the show on the internet, which required using their application. It would show as a title, what was currently playing, sort of like meta data. During the advertisements, this title would change and during the first advertisement for Waking Titan, the title changed to show ‘6e6f6f646c6573’.


Thanks for clarifying.

You could very well describe whatever led to the games unfinished state at release as a noodle incident…

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well this is probably just a crazy coincidence but the Noodle Pi Kickstarter is linking to a XKCD webcomic about the language of the universe:open_mouth:


Yeah well, if the universe was written in Lisp, it would be even more stateless than no man’s sky :smile:

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