Status changed

new pdf to mr noodles


Where did you find this? :open_mouth:

New link on the status message. Just proc’ed.

-// Subroutine Output Log //-
48h cooldown process started


I need to print this out and frame it :heart_eyes:


had to check:

whois M-N00-dl35
no results found

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Does this mean a free hamster will be included at the end of all of this? I’ll adopt it! Where do I sign up!?

It’s quite clear that the pet food mailed this week was for Subject M-N00-dl35 (a hamster). I think we can strike ‘rabbits’ out of our collective minds for now.

This all raises some questions though…

  • Why is the Atlas Foundation testing on a hamster?
  • For what is the Atlas Foundation testing?
  • Does the presence of a “loop16 testing lab” imply that these experiments are taking place inside of a simulation? Or is the simulation being run from within the testing facility that Subject M-N00-dl3 is at?
  • If Subject M-N00-dl3 (Mr. Noodles) is in a testing facility, why was food meant specifically for it sent to certain people in the community (with specific instructions not to eat, or otherwise consume, it)?

Maxed out on likes but I’m kinda glad I don’t have to think about rabbits anymore! I much prefer hamsters anyway, sweet little climbey dudes.

Would be gas if it turned out the travellers were actually the minds of hamsters put into the simulation XD Oh, please let it be true!

Okay so I’m thinking, fourth race might be cute little hamstery rodents? (assuming the picture we got is actually a travller)



Waking Titan is LIVE on twitch!


…the things you never knew you always wanted…

All we need are some rats and a pincer movement and we’ll have gone full Redwall: in Spaaaaace.

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