Waking Titan Meme Compilation


I think a week’s pretty optimistic. Since Royal Mail was privatised, they’ve made economies. It now takes at least three months for the rowing boats to cross the Atlantic. Of course, you could pay more, and have it sent by carrier pigeon.


Send all your mail to the republic of ireland, we can sneak it across our lovely soft border to the north, and then we can use the royal Belfast trebuchet to catapult it to the UK, as is tradition.









…how did I miss this??? :rofl: :joy:


So I figured last season was awash with memes, this time not so much.

So I went and made this to get the ball rolling




Hey you, heehaw.



If we could give our combined excitement for NEXT a personality, I think this video portrays it quite accurately.

(Didnt think this was worth a new topic, also didn’t think it fit the videos and streaming thread so hope it’s okay to place here, seemed the most fitting, or maybe it’d be more at home in the laugh out of real life thread?)


Looks like (Kylo) Bob has started fashion trends at Hello Games


Sooo… Happy cake day Sean ? :rofl: