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Well, in my opinion the major way combat could be improved is by adding more varied enemies. The sentinels are decent and have some mechanics for synergy which is interesting, but as long as there’s nothing else to actually fight it gets old rather quickly…


I always think about this guy’s fan/concept-art when the talk goes to new enemies:


What the heck?! That art is so good! Hello Games hire that man!


Concerning rivers, I just stumbled on a short explanation from toady on how dwarf fortress is doing river and lakes. Gives you a bit of a hint at the computational resources required to do such a thing convincingly:
(video will start at the right time for the short, about 3 minutes long segment):


I may be in a minority, but I prefer not to increase combat aspects. For me that ruins the chill exploration game I expected when I bought it.

A decent option, IMHO, would be to add hazards to Survival mode and not in Normal mode. That seems more logical.

An alternate might be sliders for varied types of hazard, including combat, in Options.


I think this is an important point. I remember when many in the community were all excited about getting multiplayer so they could go attack all their friends. I was an avid FPS player, but I really feared that kind of crazy being injected into my lovely NMS. (The constant response from the bloodthirsty of “well you can just hide in your corner of the galaxy” or “just turn off multiplayer then” was infuriating. They wanted to force a major change to the very nature of the game, but condescendingly dismissed objectors as the unreasonable ones!) Ultimately we know HG made PVP damage optional, which I think was the right call.

So while I would like to see expansions to combat, I think it’s a similar situation. More variety is always good, but increases to difficulty/frequency should probably be optional, like it mostly is now. Maybe reserved for specific missions, or occasional clearly-marked planets/systems, or in response to aggressive player actions, etc.


I’m not saying they should necessarily. I’m just saying if they were to do it, that would be the point to start.
It’s been ages since I’ve been attacked even by a predator for the last time. For people looking for more of a game (which does include myself) I think making an actually hard game mode is the only option that really helps… Severly limit inventory space, make teleportation horrendously expensive or remove it entirely, tie the availability of upgrade classes to race and guild standing (sorry, only C-class for you on a Gek station if the Gek don’t like you), monstrosity have a random chance of spawning around eggs even if you don’t pick the egs, and give some planets a chance to be actual hellholes where everything is trying to eat you. Oh, and get rid of that silly shield recharching in space battles when shooting down an enemy. All it does is to make shield recharge items entirely useless instead of just mostly…
And then, yeah, at that point it would become nice to have more varied threats or enemies. Before that it would be pointless, because nothing’s an actual threat anyways.

Obviously, this absolutely shouldn’t be in normal mode. They could use survival mode, which is damn-near useless right now with all the inventory space inflation and pirates being complete pushovers and the generally extremely pacifistic nature of the galaxy.


At the risk of repeating myself - I made an almost identical post to this a few years ago - so I’m going to repeat myself.

For me, the problem with combat is that it’s utterly pointless. You don’t win anything, and the enemies eventually respawn.

In the case of sentinels, they respawn tougher and tougher until they become unbeatable, and your only options are to hide or run away.

I suggest certain desirable systems where the sentinels are really tough - but once you’ve cleared them out, they don’t come back.

You could have the sentinels based on the resource depots throughout the system. You have to destroy the sentinels, then you have to destroy the resource depots.

When you have destroyed all the sentinels and resource depots in a system, it’s yours, and the sentinels won’t return. But as long as there is even one sentinel or one depot remaining, anywhere in the system, the sentinels will gradually rebuilld their numbers and repair the depots.

And you can’t claim the system or build a base until all the sentinels are gone.

Give us a reason to fight. Make combat worthwhile.


I’m really not sure if the sentinels work as an enemy that can be beaten. For short periods of time, yes, but that they never come back to a system? Seems a bit hard to justify when lore-wise, there’s every hint that they might not just come back but nuke the entire place from orbit for good measure…

I like the original idea of the sentinels. That they’re more of a force of nature than a tangible enemy (I mean, the game does treat them pretty much as a natural hazzard). They’re not so much supposed to be an enemy, as they are supposed to et in the way of things.
And… well… they don’t. Like, they don’t get in the way of anything. Even on an aggressive planet they’re really just a nuisance because you have to keep running around. But if you keep running around, will they ever actually try to catch you? Nah, too lazy, too slow, too dumb. You break into a facility, they suffer complete amnesia by the time you come out, and are too slow to actually hinder you from getting in. The pretty much only way to have a fight with them is to just want a fight with them. There’s never a situation where you have to consider the risk of taking them on for getting anything else done, appart maybe from doing a mission to blow up a depot. But even then you can just hop in your ship and fly away.

I think the sentinels could be fun, but really, they’d have to get in the way to do so…


Well, that was the basis of my suggestion. Certain systems where the sentinels are a LOT tougher. More agressive, better firepower, more of them.

They could be called… “Forbidden Systems” or “Interdicted Systems”. Something along those lines. They could be rare - possibly based on the existing unclaimed systems.

You could take the original concept further - say there’s something in the forbidden systems that each of the existing races wants, but they can’t have, because the sentinels won’t let them.

So maybe there are ancient data stores that the Korvax want, and trading opportunities or goods that the Gek want, and the V’ykeen… well, they just hate the sentinels in the first place.

So you find a forbidden system, and you destroy all the sentinels and their depots. And all the time you’re doing this, the sentinels are fighting you, and trying to rebuild their depots.

Once you succeed, you are allowed to build a base and claim the system. But that’s not the end - after a while (a week, maybe?) the sentinels will send a space fleet to attack your base, and reclaim the system.

The routines for attacking bases from space already exist in the game code. Such attacks were a regular, if seldom seen, feature of the original game.

The answer to attacks from space would be to approach the Korvax, the Gek, and the V’ykeen to occupy installations in the system (something they want to do). Once the three races have a presence in the system, they will defend it from attacks from space, and it is safely yours.

Claiming such systems, and installing the other races, could give you a special status with those races, or with the guilds.


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