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This is the Spacing Guild’s first attempt at a PVP arena:




I absolutely loved this moment in the beginning of my new NEXT save, when I fixed my visor, this song started. I HAD to go back and record it! Can’t get enough of it… so good.


I guess this is some of Paul’s music :slight_smile: it definitely ain’t 65dos but you can hear he used some elements of theirs from other tracks.

Absolutely beautiful, Paul has plenty of stuff to work with and stitch together :slight_smile:


Yeah, I should reach out to him on twitter, cuz I know he mentioned a few new pieces of music in the NEXT update.



Hey have made a few videos to help out beginners of the game and some veteran gamers, please check it out and leave feed back, I know my audio isnt the best waiting to get a new mic.


I came back to my base and there were more ships than usual flying around. I was trying to figure out why when I noticed two ships trying to fly into the ground :thinking: My only guess is that there was a freighter somewhere inside the planet they were trying to get to, but I couldn’t see it.


I’ve had very similar to this with a space battle raging in and out of a mountain.
I presumed there was an embattled freighter within…




Behold my friend @Jacob_2000_Lol , Lord of mayhem and chaos


Can you build from a planet into space?

The short answer is … NO.

The longer answer is … barely, using a single cheat. Building by default has a limit, which prevents you from building once a certain distance from the Base Computer is reached. This range is in all directions, basically you are limited to a sphere. To avoid this, I used the NO MANS SKY SAVE EDITOR made by GoatFungus (see link below). Since update 1.5.18, this ‘mod’ allows you to move the Base Computer, or basically switch location with a Signal Booster.

So I started building up towards space using stairs, until I reached this limit, built a Signal Booster at the highest point and saved my game. Then used the mod to switch position between Signal Booster and Base Computer. Loaded back in and continued building up, as the range now increased from the new ‘high’ location. At some point I was forced to start removing what I had build from the bottom up, as a part count limit was reached. Along the way up, I switched Signal Booster and Base Computer a couple of times.

At some point I noticed I got thrown off, so I reloaded my last save (created several on my way up). Then I noticed how a huge amount of work got removed, only to be left a lot lower than I was before. I now call this the ‘point of no return’. This is a specific height, above which everything gets removed after reloading a save.

I then built a platform close to this height, which you can see in the video. I made sure to remove everything below, to not reach the part count limit. You can now however continue to build, as long as you do not (re)load a save. Of course, still limited to a max height, which is at the edge of the planet’s atmosphere, technically where space starts. Go into space and you get thrown off. There is no way to physically go any higher with the player. Max height, is where space starts!

Close to this height, I built a Landing Pad to call my ship. You can see how it shows the atmosphere entry at this height. The Space Station icon also shows when taking off with the ship. Because I do not reload, I can safely fly back and land. When I exit the ship, an auto save is created. Reloading it will drop me out of my ship as usual, only to fall down, because everything I had built up to that height is now gone. Everything gone, from the point of no return, to where my ship is now parked in space. So that is pretty much the limit …

Free fall duration: 1m06s


Enjoy watching :wink:

NEXT Base Pics are Amazing

Any idea how far from the base computer you can build before reaching the limit of the sphere? Basically the radius.


They really should give us parachutes. :sunglasses:


I think it was something like 120 units?


So roughly 240u in length…that’s less tan I thought it would be with a 2k item cap though I suppose it’s decent…sure beats the old tiny space we had.