Videos v1.5-1.77


Easy way to find out how far you can build, is by going into build mode, to then start walking until it changes the menu to exocraft/item placement. This happens just after 150u (153/154) or so.

Fun fact, when my ship is on ground, the left Control Panel in the ship shows 45u. In the video it shows 1,995u all the way up on my landing pad. I guess this results in a height difference of 1,950u, which seems about right.





This is Jordan’s first video using his own footage (I did the thumbnail) :wink:


Yay! MZK roasted me on a video!


A quick video showing off my base on a [REDACTED] planet. I decided to get creative with a Ring Structure. Not quite done yet with details, but giving up on it for now, as it is starting to cause issues ‘hanging’. I really hope HG is going to fix this …





If I had to guess I’d say it’s intentional…because to really get signifficant warp distance you kind of need six warp reactor tech modules…three in your ship’s regular slots and three in the ship’s tech slots so you don’t overcharge…and this doesn’t get your ship’s warp bar filled even on explorers/exotics with +64% to hyperdrive…so at least that part looks intentional for sure…to then require three other drives to go to all star system types would be pretty insane…having to dedicate 10 slots to the hyperdrive is a bit OTT.


Wait, the limit applies only on a per-category basis? I was totally unaware of that.


Yep…the limit applies per slot category…same for ships and your exosuit…if I had to guess I’d say that’s exactly they gave us two more tech slots and 23 more cargo slot for our exosuits than we could have in Atlas Rises…because you can dedicate lot of regular slots to tech modules too.



I forgot to mention, I showcased @toddumptious 's base in the video above.



Thanks @MacForADay and @DarthTrethon I didn’t know either of those two things. Now is there still an adjacency bonus you would lose , by not using the other two drives?


Adjacency bonuses still exist…the tech modules for the hyperdrive get a bonus from the hyperdrive itself and from each other but NOT from any of the drives that unlock the various colored systems…the colored systems drives no longer have any adjacency bonuses with anything.


Oh wow I didn’t think it would show up for anyone. Because we couldn’t place base computers I was quite surprised the one in the wild worked. But I didn’t build too much in case it broke something in the universe or it gets destroyed on a reload. Always an honor to be part of Yr videos in some way, thanks again for the love Mac