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So I’ve been working on a base that’s been giving me a lot of trouble, but has been a lot of fun. Im trying to reproduche the Stargate Command from the SG-1 show. I’ll share these two videos where I explain what were some of my issues, and if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to share. If you want to see the place yourselves, the coordinates are in the comments on part 2.


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I think the geknip recipe was outright removed from the game…I had the recipe for it in my legacy save pre-NEXT but once I loaded NEXT I knew of Geknip but it lost the crossed wrenches symbol next to it and sure enough I could no longer craft geknip. So I think that’s an intended change…I think they just don’t want us to be able to craft Geknip anymore.

Also those “new” and strange decals you speak of…they’re not actually new…those have been in the game’s code since it originally launched in 2016 but most were unobtainable until NEXT. But PC gamers have been accessing them via mods since literally day one. I don’t necessarily think we’ll be given specific meaning for them or anything…they’re just cool stickers to use if you like them.

Only the decals sold by Polo’s robot for quicksilver are new…those decals are actually new to the game.


That’s weird, since I’ve gotten NipNip Buds as a reward for a quest or expedition or from a green box a few times. So they kept it in the game but they don’t want us to grow it anymore?

And I was refering to the plant NipNip, not the item GekNip that is used to plant it.


I think you can still grow NipNip buds, but you have to obtain the GekNip via traders and such…you can’t craft the GekNip yourself anymore. Not sure exactly what NipNip is good for now, it used to be the highest value trade commodity before Atlas Rises but now I’m not sure what they’re good for.


Ok I just checked in game(legacy save) and yes, NipNip plants are still a thing in game so if you can’t get the NipNip plant blueprint that’s a bug. just GekNip I think is no longer craftable.



Oh wow. I didn’t even bother to try! :smile:


You could craft geknip? I never knew that, never even got a blueprint for it in the two years I’ve been playing :astonished:

Oh well, the new way (getting geknip from NPC to grow nipnip) is the way I’ve been doing it since the foundation update so nothings changed for me really haha, wish I knew it was craftable beforehand though, had a nice nipnip farm back when it used to still be a profitable crop.


Yeah, GekNip was craftable after Atlas Rises…it was(at least for me, don’t know if it’s randomized or not) the very last product recipe I got out of a factory/manufacturing facility.


The Geknip recipe was removed in one of the 1.3 era patches.
I also got it from a Manufacturing Facility, but it disappeared from my crafting list after an update before 1.38

I was never talking about the Geknip recipe, I misspoke in the video. I was talking about the NipNip Bud plant that new saves cannot get after NEXT.



I most definitely still had the Geknip recipe all the way until NEXT released…are you sure you didn’t switch saves or something that caused you to lose that recipe? I know for a fact I had it past 1.38.


This Reddit post from 10 months ago says otherwise. They say it was removed at 1.38. Are you sure you didn’t just have the symbol by it that you could craft it but actually didn’t try crafting it? I’m on PS4 and I definitely stopped having the recipe after 1.38


I have to admit I never really crafted Geknip…I never really had any reason to as NipNip had already been rendered about completely useless by then…so I guess it’s possible I just had the crossed wrench symbols on there.


The melee-jump combo got a few changes in NEXT. You can still jump super far, but now it seems to have some restrictions. Which is what I go over in this vid. Working away on some bigger projects, but I always got time for an informational video! :smiley:


Thank you for confirming this. I have been disappointed with this new feature as it has broken my rhythmn in the game. I could understand different atmospheres and gravity levels having an affect…not sure I really agree with the multi-tool affect. It stinks. :weary:


Don’t you guys and gals chain the boost? After doing a melee boost - time another so that you are hitting the jet pack when your feet touch surface, you can build more momentum this way. The rifle still won’t go as fast as the pistol but you can get moving faster than just using 1 boost at a time.