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I guess since I never really cared about the boost at all joke’s on them for trying to nerf it. Doesn’t affect me at all…plus…sacrificing tons of multitool slots…someone’s got jokes.


My boost still sends me skyward. I can not get the low, fast boosting affect to work. Before, I got long, low boosts and could quickly move across the surface gathering, scanning etc… now I just have to run and it has really cramped my exploration pace.


My first boost takes me more vertical, the following ones speed me up - so I just do a quick first one followed by chaining them together
It’s still not as fast as it was with my experimental - but it is faster than just doing that first vertical


Yes. It does work…if only I could keep from breaking my ankles when I make contact with the ground for the next boost. :crazy_face:


I find doing it beside a small tiny rock can cause the physics to go wtf and just jettison you were you want to go, regardless of multitool size. It’s nice when it works, which is to say it never works when you try to do it on purpose. I’m sure there’s some sort of name for that, idiot savantes law?



Hope @LPlaysGaming does not mind me posting this



Folks! Turns out this “feature” is actually a bug!! lol!! Sooo, nvm? xD


Look-it this cute little thing!


@kyle-culver I mentioned that you mentioned that about your video in my video. It’s getting meta in here!


Yippeee! I have been wanting one of those! :grin: seriously…


Hahaha!! We’ll all be in some sort of meta-verse before you know it! xD


A look at the newly fixed “Rocket Boots” upgrade against the Melee-Jump. Which one gives more distance? Why choose one over the other?



S rank Underwater Protection Module Eissentam

New Emote Got Me Like


New Emote Got Me Like