Videos v1.5-1.77


Welcome to Pablo Buttcheek! :rofl:


Nooo…the documentary on the adventures of PancakeLord4K needed to have its own thread! :grin::grin:



the adventures of cam_16 continues!


That was awesome! Thank you! :ok_hand::clap::1st_place_medal:


This is my friend Jordan’s black & white video. He’s thinking about stopping because he isn’t able to get a high end PC (he usually uses other people’s footage), but I hope he doesn’t. Check it out!



Two other Spacing Guild members made this video. Basically, @Jacob_2000_Lol breaks the game while Skynexia looks on in disbelief.


NMS Documentarian episode 3 is up. featuring, svpials


Much belated thank you for the shout out @MacForADay I plan to make more videos of a similar ilk soon :slight_smile:

Now have lots of new NMS folk to check out thanks to your list, and a lot I already knew it was fun to hear you talk about them :slight_smile:

@gamer_123 nice job on blue-sky buddy, you just keep getting better and better and nice move turning to the community for this one :slight_smile:


Throwback episode!




Something to share with Xbox players who really enjoy or want to get into Photo Mode. I made a quick overview on the settings in Photo Mode and how to capture and share the screenshots. :slight_smile:



ship to ship dogfight training exercise :smiley:


You forgot about Episode 5:


haha thanks darth. honestly I felt that I kinda phoned in the narration in 05. so I thought it wasn’t worth sharing. the PSVR mic is more sensitive and can’t hide the imperfections like a crappy phone mic can :laughing: :sweat_smile:


I thought it was great, I didn’t notice anything off.


When playing with people on the other side of the planet(irl) , strange things can happen.