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Great video!! You made quite a game in a game lol


Right, didn’t get that. Pretty hilarious! :smile:

I was only aware of the ARG shortly before the connection with NMS was revealed, I wasn’t aware that it was so… dramatic. :joy:


Thanks! NMS is full of hidden mini-games :grinning:


I got a lot of hate on Reddit for insisting the ARG was connected to NMS. It’s a good thing this forum wasn’t called Citizen Science Division back then, or they would have told me it was an ARG for Star Citizen.


Make sure you are prepared for the NEXT update. We don’t want anyone dehydrating, passing out from malnutrition, or driving their family away.


Thank you so much to every single person who shares the joy in what I do and thank you Hello Games for creating a game that feels like what I had searched for my entire life. I really hope people like this one, I am very proud of it. :smiley:

Liam’s Sky - My No Man’s Sky Story


And I do agree with you! Look at how spectacular your video channel is growing.
Your dream is coming true Liam and am soo happy for you.

It happened to me (72 almost 73 :slight_smile:
So here’s cheers to the youth and especially to you for being such a great inspiration!!


Hello Games say in their message: we make games to let you cry rainbow tears.
Well they really do and rainbow tears of joy are the best !!


I wonder if they really, truly understand just how special their creation is… I’m sure they are proud but maybe they’ll never truly know just how much they have given all of us :pray:t2:


Thank you! It’s quite a special feeling waking up everyday full of excitement because you are chasing a dream :grin::rocket: I cant imaging going back now!


I just finished working on the latest No Man’s Sky Wild Universe Video and on it I showcased the planet and fauna I submitted to the Research Project

NMSWU Search For The Giant Kuzent Pikachu

I really hope these types of videos will not have to be the only way to view these special places in NMS once Next hits :slight_smile:

Check your inbox, new message from Old Gods 7-2-18

The mole-faced variant? I never saw a mole with a face like that! :lol:

I do like the concept of the video a lot!


They follow their dream and are themselves so excited by that , that nothing else is necessary to make some kind of wonder happen …
Same with you :smiley:


Nicely done!!


Very unique video format! I really like your “Long Dead Traveler” character. Also a good explanations on what the portal glyphs determine in the address. I see driving the exocraft through the portal still works on PC (it doesn’t work on PS4). Subscribed and turned on notifications, I am definitely interested in seeing more!


I’m sure the links can be updated, but wanted to share these talks with everyone here (if this is not exactly within topic, feel free to delete).

I got permission from Zoid via discord to upload his chat with Toby as well.


Hello! This is a video showing my VICTORY ROYALS against the sentinels on my old home base planet!! There were 2 tall walkers, 2 sentinel cats and many, MANY regular sentinels! I hope you guys enjoy this if you are bored and want to see some different and interesting NMS gameplay!!
Thank you for reading !!


I only discovered this recently too, was added with the atlas rises update, took me so long to realise it was there because I usually avoided the planet harvester missions, I’d done some lower level ones where only three sentinels show up, needed to get merchant guild to full so took on a level eight harvester mission and oh my, was I surprised when I landed :slight_smile: now I love doing those missions!


While exploring my new home planet in the ETARC hub I came across something…

Something old, something large…

An ancient race of gargantuan artifical constructs.

This video also includes audio commentary from myself just to give back story and explanation to my discovery, also includes some creepy ukulele music I wrote after seeing this thing for the first time.


:smile::joy::rofl:…that was great!