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From Inside Xbox today:


You didn’t include the TOTALLY WAS ACTUAL GAMEPLAY CHARACTER MODEL MOVING IN THE BACKGROUND FOOTAGE (just kidding, it probably was fake).


Hahaha!! Not gonna lie, I was thinking of including it! XD Probably better I didn’t. It was definitely just a 2D cut out puppet animation. Nothing crazy.


Look what we already got during those two years. For me this have been 2 exciting years playing this game. Never have I played a game that long. And still playing it. Goes to show that NEXT will add so many new features to it that I probably will be playing for another year.
NO game made this possible so far!


yeah man the harvester missions are insane!!!


Hey guys, have you seen this? Sac Venom in the wild? It was my first time and I was very surprised! :smiley:
(2 min video showing my awesome Sentinel-retribution skillz)


Yes, Sac Venom is very unique in that it is both a hazard that can harm you and also a rare item to mine.


I blew 4 of them yesterday night because of a bloody grenade…:angry:


Nice find. I just saw these for the first time not too long ago, very rare indeed.

@arpoja if I could fix just one thing in the game, this would be it. I can’t tell you how many minerals I’ve blown sky high :weary:


It so funny that the Sentinels seem to protect the oddest things. :smile:


A new squid, and a ruby red multitool:


I was so into editing that I forgot to put in my intro. :man_facepalming:


Not to mention knowledge stones!! I accidentally grenade some that are close to creatures or sentinels I’m trying to aim at. The blast radius on the grenade is surprising.


3 things to do to avoid inadvertently blowing things up…

  1. Always recharge my laser last.
  2. Always fire (insert favorite weapon here) skyward before moving to mine something.
  3. Always use another weapon after having used my grenade… (seems to only work above ground)

Predators often spawn around a deposit. Moving away to dispatch them before mining lessens ‘incidents’.


I had not encountered this problem in a long time so I forgot about it and blasted away 4 marrow bulbs on a planet that has very, very few. :sob:


Thank you. This is excellent advice to avoid the plasma launcher misfire.


The test fire often results in a grenade so watch your test fire line-of-sight.
Still better than blowing up something precious.



I loved this video! I have never come across a squid ship! Is it just pure luck?


There aren’t enough multitool slots to fully equip more than two weapons - so I stick to the mining laser, and the grenade launcher.

And yes, it’s super annoying when the last grenade get retained by the weapon, even when you’ve switched back to the laser. So you’re desperate for power, and you find a big, juicy plutonium spike, and you try to mine it… And you throw a grenade at it, and end up with nothing but a plume of smoke.

But in my experience, test firing will only produce a grenade when the weapon is pointed at something valuable. If you point it into the air, or off into the grass, it just produces a laser beam. It will only produce the rogue grenade if it can destroy something it thinks you want. Now that’s just perverse.


Yep. Me too.

So… fool it into thinking you want that cluster of carbon trees with the hidden snappy on the distant hillside.