Videos / Streaming / Podcasts - No Man's Sky / Waking Titan


A new fan trailer/cinematic/thing! :grinning:


Who or what is Edna? :smile:


Edna is their name for the diplos on that planet I think.


This is so hilarious, you have to watch it! It’s the first episode. NOT just the intro like the one Singular Gleam posted.


That’s a signed URL that has expired by now…


No clue why the link won’t show an embed, as the actual url still works.
Either way, the video is the same as the one posted earlier by @SingularGleam
See above post #716


No, it’s not, Singular Gleam’s is just the intro, mine is episode 1 like I said.


The imbed works for me still, don’t know why it doesn’t work for you.


Looks like they could be the first showing of NMS on Saturday on the Chinese platform



What will it be streamed on? Is Tencent a streaming platform too like Twitch? Do people in the US or UK have any access to it?


I’m sure somebody will have access to it


I will be avoiding it like the plague! I’m trying for total surprise (not likely)


@Mad-Hatter The Tencent stream post DID warant its own thread because it is an upcoming event, not a video or stream that has been recorded or can be watched now.


Please feel free to repost your topic as it seems I have mistaken your image for an imbedded video in my rush. Just title it something to do with “upcoming”.
Sorry about that.
Thanks Mac for picking that up.

EDIT replacement topic Upcoming Tencent Stream Saturday 07/07/18


throws 403 for me when I try to access the URL directly, so that’s why assumed it expired (as it does very much look like a signed url).

Where is it hosted? Might just be that they don’t like people from my country.
All I can tell is that it’s being delivered by some CDN, but I can’t even tell which one.


@MacForADay edited to include the link below the embed

@jedidia: You can now check the actual link below the embed, which works fine for me.

And for some strange reason, the embed now works for me too, lol. Whatever …


Yeah, it now works for me too.
I’ve already seen that one somewhere around here, I think…


Again, it’s an actual episode if you watch the whole thing, not just the intro. I’m guessing he couldn’t put it on Youtube because it’s basically a copy of an anime show episode with different subtitles and a few images added in.


The reason that the embedded video fails is that the link for the embedded video returns a 403 error (Forbidden). The link points to the CDN directly and contains a token that you probably picked up when you clicked through the site where you found the video. The link also contains an expiration time which expired at 2:19 MDT (Just under 6 hours ago).


An obstacle course :v: