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Wow! Thanks so much for that. Amazing! :sunglasses:



I will be competing in and livestreaming the Last Chance Nomad Race in just a few short minutes!


Timelapse video of some gravitino orbs!



Toe :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Nice timelapse :slight_smile:


Thanks for that behind the scenes video. I used to spend hours making timelapse videos for NMS on ps4 as soon as I noticed something about 1.1

In 1.1 on the ps4 at least, when you disabled HUD something else happened. That strange shifting your character would do when still, stopped completely.

So I could finally make timelapse like wanted to since launch. The software on ps4 for editing footage would only allow an 8x increase in speed and limit you to, I think, fifty “cuts” per video.

A lot of the process involved speeding up, exporting as a single video and then speeding it up again.

I never shared any of these videos, I thought maybe I had but definitely not present on my YouTube and I haven’t made any since 1.2 maybe so I dunno if that HUD disable trick still works on ps4 or not.

Thanks for bringing back some fond memories with the game and for sharing your method of approach, I used to do the rubber band trick for halo one panoramics :slight_smile:


Watching now but think I missed the race, sounds like you all had a lot of fun :slight_smile:


Looking for a home near ETARC '):slight_smile:

I stream for fun, this guy said this before I even got past the loading screen, he joined as soon as stream went live.

I don’t understand humans :see_no_evil:


He did something nobodies ever done on the Internet.

He came back and apologised :slight_smile: I love humans :heart_eyes:


He clearly has a mental disability, don’t let it get to you.
Edit: Good on him


Omgosh! That’s horrible. :confused: @toddumptious. Noone deserves to be treated like this on the Internet. Ironically, I think I just heard/saw this name, Yesterday while watching the Live Drop, but it was spelled differently.


I thought it sounded familiar too actually but wasn’t sure why. Makes sense :slight_smile:

I hope it’s nobody here and I haven’t just shamed them by posting this, I wasn’t so much offended as I was surprised and amazed by the initial comment.


My word! I really don’t think you should worry about that. It’s good that they came back to apologize. Still, hopefully they feel bad enough to check themselves before behaving like that, again.


That’s awesome! Did not know about the PS4 trick! And that process sounds exhausting!! lol
I mean, making a time lapse video is not something you can slap together in 2 minutes, but that’s just ridiculous dedication! Editing on a console actually sounds like a very specific hell for me. haha

Glad it could also elicit some nostalgia for ya. :+1:


Here is the Last Chance Nomad Race for those who missed it. I came in second in the first race


@toddumptious Good job of helping that guy remember there is a person on the other end of the chat. You were spot on!

Just to clarify I posted above that Kremit_defrog was streaming on Twitch. He also has a YouTube channel . He is a very talented NMS Modder.

Kermit the Frog Studios 3 is not the same person.


Anyone else wondering if MacForaDay is streaming from prison? (jk like the shirt)


Duke Whispery Whale on discord made and posted this, it’s awesome lol


Oh wow, amazing :joy:

I’ve never heard that version of the Neon Genesis Evangelion theme song before, but it’s a great choice :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure that is duke singing it lol


Oh my god what a hero haha I love it! I forever want this version of the song.


Made a side by side of the sounds from the new audio clip vs current in game sounds, hopefully helps people make up their own mind on what is and isn’t new :smiley:


Hey, orange is my favorite color; it’s not my fault prisons stopped using stripes.