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This is up there with my all time favourite moments as a member of the NMS community! A group of players from the AGT and Lilli from the NMS Cafe got together for Operation: JIPPERS!

A rescue mission to all group together around my home system and hook me up with amazing farms and cool finds! Just because they are super cool people and wanted to help me out :smiley: I love this community and the positivity it is capable of!


Giant diplos!


I am so jealous!


I know right! :slight_smile: I wish I had found it, but someone was nice enough to provide portal coords for me.


This video was made pre-ETARC, but thought I’d share it anyway.
I was so tickled by the dialog of this one encounter with this Vy’keen that I had to recreate it. In the form of a log, I recounted the event…





Sorry if this is old but someone made a working pachinko machine :slight_smile:

I guess we finally figured out what those golden spheres at ruins are for (it ain’t activating portals in Vanilla :joy:)

“Interlopers must roll a golden sphere to the base from a nearby ruin, located a mere ~2 minute walk away. The ramp allows you to easily roll the ball to the top of the pachinko machine, where you can push it in with different angles and variable strength to determine where it lands,”

Player-made mini In-games Multi or Single

Looking forward to watching soccer tournaments with these balls once synchronous co-op is added.





Went on another visit, this time to see @arpoja s home planet.

Decided to deliver in a similar fashion as I did with madhats video, though def got carried away a little bit.

Now with added creature drama and strong character arcs.


This is just for kicks - @Zoid was testing the stream.


Quick question. I’m on mobile internet with 10 gigs a month. It’s 18Mbs but very limited. If I wanted to stream one day a month for an hour. What settings would you recommend. I’m thinking 480p 20fps on YouTube live but not sure how to get OBX to run with YouTube (don’t know much about streaming in general). I’m already cleaning out the old videos (garbage) to start a let’s play channel, for fun not for profit, further more how would I record console to a PC? Older consoles and new.

Also any Royalty free audio links would be nice.


If anyone is interested, here is the Boston live drop that Discord user Multi grain pasta made.


hahaha!! Thanks for the tribute @toddumptious!!
I am glad you had a good time stepping on my planet!
I have been searching for a planet like that for sooo long (since foundation)…
Do I am glad people can come and visit it!
Thanks for the video, the predator made me laugh a lot hahahah Noooooooo!! :joy:


Hey everyone, Kremit_defrog is streaming on twitch now


Here it is! All my tricks on how I achieved each shot in my latest #NoMansSky cinematic video “Beauty In Motion”: