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That is awesomely cool!


I shudder to think that I might try to portal somewhere and come out in the middle of the ocean :disappointed_relieved:


As long as its not the vaccum of space, should be grand.


I still haven’t forgiven HG for that one :angry:


Link to an underwater portal near ETARC Hub if anyone wants to see one.


A new NMS Atmospheres out now! Was a really calming planet with all the rain sounds. Enjoy. :slight_smile:


I saw it already on YouTube.
You have captured a wonderful atmosphere here.
That’s what I so much like in NMS, so many planets and yet for me every single one has a typical atmosphere if you stay long enough on it.
Great experience again!


CSD on Duty! o7

Completing the Artemis Arc! (at last)




Thank you! Agreed wholeheartedly. n_n

If you’re subscribed to me on youtube, then you’ll see a new NMS cinematic video tomorrow morning. :wink:


My thoughts and theories on the new ship! :smiley: Been struggling to keep up with everything lately so haven’t been here as much as I would like, hope everyone is having a blast with all of this!


Seen a few of them this monday morning (my time). You probably are still asleep :slight_smile:

Beautifully done, very epic music!


A new NMS Cinematic video featuring Time Lapses from around the Euclid and Calypso galaxies.


Went for a little visit to @Mad-Hatter 's wasteland home, where the suns too hot and all the animals want to kill you (no I was not in Australia :smirk:)

Also did some dolphin jetpack dives for good measure (favourite physics trick in the game for those unaware of the speedy practice.)


Well that was a hilarious watch lol.
Maybe next time take some resources for an exocraft with you?
At least you found a bed to rest on when reaching @Mad-Hatter 's base, which did look very nice :slight_smile:


No wonder you are infamous for causing fissures. I mean, killing all the wildlife, ripping up the resources, drilling holes through mountains. I was surprised you didn’t pull the plug on what little bit of water was there and drain it all dry. :scream: :rofl: just kidding


Had my 2nd annual interview with @LPlaysGaming . So nice of this prodigy to treat me like an equal!


I like the way you sped bits of your journey up. Makes a long trip an enjoyable watch. Nice.
Your comm made me laugh.
It’s not the most relaxing place but the multiple predators make for a good source of guilt free mordite.
Thanks for visiting, come back anytime.


I might come back for a spin, honestly I didn’t get some of the more terrifying encounters with the beasts that stalk your land unfortunately.

@sheralmyst honestly if you seen how some of these creatures came towards me you’d shoot first, ask questions of morality later :joy: as for the fissures, I believe they call that “The luck of the Irish”, its intentionally an ironic statement :smirk:

I like to hike through people’s planets though I’ll admit I’m absolutely merciless with the terrain tool on hazardous biomes (don’t use suit hazard upgrades)


Great video, so cool to hear both of you go back and forth on things :slight_smile: you’re a very humble guy but all those things you said about L Play at the start applies to you too :+1:


Mac has a special charm about him! Such a great guy and it’s always a pleasure to meet up and chat to him :smiley: