Updates 1.60 and beyond for PS4

Wow so many new exciting things… brill.


Waiting for the update to load, my broadband is rubbish so it will take 3 yes 3 hours…
Want to know about the companion robot… is it easy to get? And where can it go? Would love it to be by myside as I explore but I expect that is so way into the future.
Gosh there is no pleasing us is there … we know that NMS just keeps giving and we keep on asking!!!

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It’s easy to get, as in doesn’t cost much quicksilver. You set up a circle thing it rotates around - like the one on the freighter bridge.

Edit: I did notice you can place it on ceilings as well, so you can probably place it on walls also.

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I do hope that quicksilver becomes available separate to community events. I’m too chicken to join given the bugs & then the week is over & my quicksilver purse is still empty.
No statues or little robot buddies for me :sob:

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I am on PS4 and finding everthing a bit glitchy sort of bitty and the discoveries area very juddery…anyone else finding this happening?

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Osprodex is having similar problems here

Few suggestions on a fix in the thread.

Knowing your broadband is hit and miss I’d recommend the rebuild database option. Initiliaise option should be a last resort only.

Just noticed that my ship had lost its name instead of WoW1. It was Ashes of madness…
I’ve changed it back…

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Yes I had hope to have a sidekick travelling with me as well…maybe oneday

I’d love to have someone like Floyd from Planetfall. It would encourage me to, “Boldly go where angels fear to tread,” as the Stellar Patrol recruiting manual promised.


Couple of glitches in this update. Container number 1 is unavailable to build again and my holo doors on my base keep disappearing.

Someone stole a heavy door from one of my bases that uses the old modules. There’s a shifty-eyed quadruped on that planet that has been behaving suspiciously. He may be the culprit.

I was a bit shocked to run up the ramp into a solid wall.

Also, sentinels have been breaking in through my holo doors on many planets. Even had a sentinel quadruped get inside one of my bases. The little sentinels didn’t bother me much, but the dog was constantly ramming me. At least he didn’t leave any messes to clean up.


Again! My ship reverted to a name not chosen by me…it claims to be Ashes of Madness…is it trying to tell me something?
… I have changed it to MY choice… WoW1… again…

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I have noticed that no matter how hard I try to close off some areas away from the outside storms and weather conditions that I cannot. I can even get attacked and attack Sentinels in parts of my base that have a very high ceiling.

Well 1.6.1 should be coming out soon :slight_smile:

There is a relation between ceiling height and protection. Do not make your ceilings too high, to ensure protection. Lower them if possible to fix your issue.


I would prefer lower ceilings, but the new wood, concrete, and metal walls are about 20% too short. Many things (such as refiners and teleports) don’t fit in the building unless the ceiling is raised.

In my first base, I had the idea of using 4 towers made from stacked old base modules holding up a central building with conventional stairs. This would allow me to bypass the ladders that take up the center of the room in the old modules rendering the main part of the room useless and making it hard to stop on intermediate floors. The idea was sound, but the new buildings are about 20% shorter than the old ones, so the floors don’t align. One might be able to correct it by adding a short wall on top, but then the stairs don’t reach the next floor. I don’t know what happened there, but it seems that it would be easier on the developers to make all floors a standard height–and much easier on base builders.

Incidentally, at the time I didn’t know the range of the base computer, so I built the central building over it. My space ship now likes to park under the building where it can’t take off. You learn a lot on the first base. Now base computers are nowhere near the buildings. This keeps the ship off to the side in nearly all cases, but after the last update, my ship parks inside one of my building that is nowhere near the computer. In fact, the nose of the fighter is almost touching the teleporter. It’s funny, and it doesn’t keep me from doing what I want to do in the base, so I’m not in a hurry to change it.


I’m having the same problem with sentinels. They keep going in my glass cubed buildings, and also the quadruped is going into my wooden structures and charging me LMAO .
One of my doors on my cubed structure disappeared as well.
Also I thought I had heard that the bases you delete will not be in your teleport list.
That’s not working for me.
Only the bases I have created after the 1.60 update I can delete from the teleport list, not the previous ones. They are all still there.

Happy Traveling!

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Totally agree on the building issues. Why ‘add’ a completely new system that doesn’t match dimensions? Not to mention the fact they mostly allow us to combine freely. One would think one or the other, but no, let’s combine both, to not have to deal with complaints for those players who wish to continue their pre-Next saves. I also agree on some objects having been made too large, like the portal. Other objects just have their collision too large, especially noticeable with the Large Refiner. Even some crops in trays can cause another object to not be allowed next to it. Objects that snap to a wall have misplaced snapping points causing issues. Snapping points in general are an issue, often misaligned. It has turned into a complete mess in my opinion, even though I do enjoy all the extra stuff.

They have rushed implementing this, being only half finished. They forced themselves another new system that will never fully match the old. We get to deal with the consequences of bad decisions, while we wait on them to get it all sorted.

I am sorry, but I often just don’t get it. Nothing wrong with an overhaul and deciding to do things different. If that will eventually turn out better, nobody will complain (for long). However, their continued effort to maintain the ‘old’, is gong to make it all a pain in the arse. Not just just for them, but for us as well. I can only imagine the spaghetti NMS has turned into ever since initial release. The consequences are becoming more and more obvious/numerous … what else is new?

I still love the game though, but pfftttt :wink:


I can’t even think how to correct it now. If they adjust the dimensions, then current bases will have misaligned components as a result. At best it may look strange. At worst, walls could end up penetrating other walls. Even so, it might be worth rebuilding just to a seamless system.

I have to admit, though, that I’ve hated crafting in every other game I have ever played, but with the current system, I really enjoyed setting up a 13-planet factory. The original plan was for 12 planets, but the atmosphere in one of them apparently is made of Big Balls, so I had to add a 13th. The change in some of the harvest times makes it move slowly, and the disappearing-harvest bug makes it even slower, but it has still been fun to set up and run. My original goal was to make enough money to allow me to explore without having to stop to earn a few credits now and again. In the end, I found developing and executing a crafting plan to be entertainment in its own right.


Must have been an ‘exotic’ planet, producing an exotic product :slight_smile:


The whole point of No Man’s Sky is to explore a strange and unpredictable universe.

And just as we think we’ve understood the rules, they change. It’s maddening - but I love it. It’s totally in keeping with the game’s central concepts.

The universe is being built and deconstructed around you as you play. Nothing can be absolutely relied on.

The rules are arbitrary. They can change at any time. We are tiny actors within the creation of some vast intelligence we can never understand.

We are like the cockroaches under the floorboards. The rats in the pipes.

The universe, and its master, are too big to bother with the likes of us. Provided we don’t get noticed.