Stairs not placing

So as I’ve been working on a base, I noticed that I’m not able to place down any stairs. I’ve tried everything, from just being inside square rooms to normal platforms. Can somebody please help? I don’t want to place ladders everywhere

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The building in general is very finicky, but you should definitely be able to place them somehow… I usually have no problem placing them on a normal floor, though placing multiple stairs above each other usually requires some scaffolding (that you dismantle again afterwards).


Good to know if I’m actually able to place one :sweat_smile:

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It’s a known bug that stairs won’t place in cuboid rooms. Nothing we can do about it.
Other stairs will click to building parts of the same type (such as the wood, metal & concrete) but it is a matter of placing the curser point in the direction you want it to go then ‘rotating’ it. Fiddling back and forth eventually gets it to click.


Took me a while to work out but the stairs do attach to the cuboid floor panel. You can place a cuboid room above or below where you need it, place the cuboid floor panel then the stairs will attach to that. You can then delete the floor panels or cuboid rooms afterwards if you don’t need them.


Oh… Ooooooh! He’s in a cuboid room! Sorry, I’m afraid my statement doesn’t apply, then.
Don’t cuboid rooms have their own stairs?


Stairs in cuboid rooms have become a tricky thing as of late.

I commented on it with solutions here

But essentially, cuboid stairs won’t stick to a cuboid room that has no cuboid beneath e.g it has its original floor.

It will only stick to fake floors put between two fake cuboids.

However, you can still achieve a Stair going to a single cuboid, but it requires building two cuboids, with a fake floor, another cuboid for the stairs, then delete the original two cuboids and fake floor, you will now have a stairs locked and contained in a cuboid room.

You can then build a single cuboid with a prebuilt floor at the position you’d like the stairs to connect. However original floors in cuboid are slightly higher than the fake floors so it doesn’t line up and you’ll get caught on a curb when walking, so it comes down to whether you prefer aesthetics over functionality whether you want to keep it that way or not.


That’s what I was trying to explain, thanks for making it clearer!