Can't place landing pad

When I loaded my old save, 2 of my 3 landing pads were gone.

I have a series of glass cuboid rooms 2 stories tall.

I onnected 1 landing pad to a short hallway which was connected to the glass cuboids.

Now, I can’t attach the landing pad to anything it seems.

Can’t connect to the other landing pad.

Can’t connect the the hallway door anymore.

Can they only be placed on the ground now or am I missing something?

I deleted the existing pad incase it was in the way.

Very briefly the new pad connected to the side of a glass cuboid room and created its own door.

Unfortunatly, i moved the left stick a millimeter and it moved the pad and I couldn’t get it to snap in the correct side, or any side after that.

If anyone figure out how to do this I’d GREATLY appreciate it



I had to mess around forever figuring this out

What finally worked for me was using the new build camera that lets us go free cam(same limit as the photomode)
I had to go away from the glass corridor I wanted to snap to and just kinda play around aiming it, and moving up and down.

It seems to like snapping to things at the longest distance possible, so I moved to the edge of the range of using the camera and being able to visually see where I wanted it to snap while holding it.

Then just kinda moved the camera around until it snapped to the corridor.


I can sit one on a foundation but can’t connect to a structure.
If you managed to connect to a cuboid then I’m guessing there is a specific point to touch where you can ‘trick’ the faulty unit to connect. You’ve done better than I have. :+1:

There was a decorative monitor in the previous update that refused to sit anywhere except on the ground…I discovered that it could be placed from very precise angles if the contact point had a fine blue line


I got it. Finally!

The trick is that you have to be on the opposite side of the side you want to attach it to.

It snapped to the wall of the cuboid and created its own door.

Plus, you have to be WAAAAAY far away from where you want to place it.

Unfortunatly, I think its impossible to attach multiple pads to eachother.

Hopefully, they’ll patch this in later on.


I tried the ‘way back’ method and was able to get the Landing Pad to latch at several locations. Unfortunately I have a cuboid structure and it would always place the doorway from the top edge of the cuboid room. This made it difficult to get onto the Landing Pad - had to jump a little. Tried pre-placing a doorway and it would never use it.

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Check tips about that, going into camera mode and placing

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I know, its tough to get it to snap.

Also, male sure that you use construction view.

It helps.

Here’s what I run into.

Two snap positions for the far end (“far back”) of my base.

Chose the last one. For testing, I had already added a Holo Door to the outside of the far left Cuboid Room and a regular Door next to it. Here’s a shot from the Landing Pad.

From the inside. The Landing Pad door is too high off the floor and the opening isn’t full height.

Since this is an old base with a new Landing Pad, I’ll do a test of a new Cuboid Room with a Door and the new Landing Pad.

The results were the same. The provided door wasn’t used and the new door supplied by the Landing Pad was placed too high on the Cuboid Room.


Just want to confirm that using the build camera does indeed work for getting the landing pad to connect. (PS4)
I used a glass corridor.

I placed my character underneath my base and switched to building camera and swung to the opposite side of my base to where I wanted to place my landing pad as suggested.
It clicked easily, allthough it was hard to see where the console is for summoning, (which determines launch direction).
Down side is that, like mentioned by @temp, the pad sits to high and causes a collision issue with the door it creates (jamming it open) and sits too high.


You can place/inset landing pads without too much trouble in Beyond without glitching.
(I’m on PS4)

The middle floor panel is lower by the height of 1 quarter wall panel

It’s a tiny bit fidgety. Stand back a few panels distance with landing pad selected and very gently centre the landing pad on the frame, it will go green with a bit of gentle movement.


How do I activate the build camera on PC?


Go into the Build menu first, then it should show how to use the Build Camera.
On PC that would be C.


Couple questions for everyone:

-how do I activate the build cam on ps4?

-and is anyone having trouble with doors working? When the door is unpowered, it stays open. But when I connect it to the power grid, it closes and stays closed. How do you get it to open?


Click L3 when in build mode. I haven’t messed with the doors at all, I already use holos. I have seen this passed around though - looks overly complex to me - but again havent used them myself


Someone else asked the same question about doors. You can find answers to it in the below linked reply and the full topic it is in:


Could you post that again over in the above electrical thread, please. Could come in handy for future reference there. :heart:


So hello games thinks, believes we need to all become electricians?


HG sees the hidden potential within us all @zsigmond. They want us to aspire to greater things. :laughing: Alternately, you can still place out lamps, use holo doors, etc…there are a few work arounds for those who want to live ‘off the grid’. Thank goodness they did not add composting toilets. :woozy_face: