Few quick Q's

  1. I can’t seem to get landing pads to connect.

Is it not possible with these new pads?

  1. Can you have multiple personal transporters go to the same transporter?

In either words, can I have multiple transporters out on my planet all connect to 1 on my base?

  1. I can’t take pics.

When I press X (PS4) nothing happens.

I’m trying to complete a mission and can’t.



please visit this thread for question 1 The most recent post will likely answer your question

I do not understand the nature of question 2 If it is the new transporter, I have not used them yet

As for question 3, push down on the D-pad and push right to the camera mode. You should be able to press A. Sometimes there is a huge lag time between the press and the snap of the pic. I have many issues with the controller button. It may need to be reported.

I would also like to point out that when given help it is common courtesy to leave a ‘like’ so people will know you have read the post and appreciated the help. That would be the little heart shaped icon at the bottom of each post , in case you do not know where it is. :heart:


The button for taking photos and it linking up with the missions is the same button you press to take photos in any game on PS4, it’s the share button.

But its the default press, which I believe is either a double tap or a long hold.

I have my screenshot capture set to a single tap for photos and that doesnt work for me on the photo missions because it’s not the ps4 default, I have to hold the share button (or maybe it’s double tap, it’s been a while. No photo mode in VR.)

I hope I’ve understood correctly and you don’t mean X as in the button on xbox controller. But I would have assumed it wa the A button to take a photo on that console.

This is how it worked before beyond, it’s possible that’s changed since next but I’ve yet to play a non VR session.

Hope this helps you.


x doesn’t take screens on a ps4, you will need to use the share and save it or set it up like he told you.

Also, attacking someone trying to help, and who is providing the solution is not usually a great tactic to receive help in the future


Even still, I’ll continue to help despite how many times you respond sarcastically to my aid :wink:

I play on pc and ps4 and have been playing since day one to answer your question.

Also worth pointing out while on the subject, photo missions are impossible in PSVR as there is no photo mode yet you can still accept these missions so watch out for that one folks :joy:


Thanks @toddumptious. I sometimes forget about this on PS4 .




Sometimes the in-game command prompts are incorrect. You do indeed need to use the method described by @toddumptious. He is a respected member of this community and we value his input.


It’s nice to have members whose input we value.


I must agree. When conversing with others in a community with 10s of 1000s of hours experience, its always valuable to have those willing to take the time to help those others with minimal game experience, such as in this occasion. This is particularly useful in circumstances such as these, where an in-game prompt has been altered and only those with long term in-game experience know.
It’s also worth noting that when genuine and correct assistance results in aggressive insults from a new member, that it’s quite reasonable to expect that no one will converse with them anymore.
In a fantastic community such as ours, it is always nice to see members working together to ensure the peaceful sanctuary of Atlas-65 stays that way.


Indeed. I agree with everything you say.

I think we should, however, bear in mind that thirteen can be a difficult age.


I actually sent a zen desk to hello games about the issue with it only recognising the default button press method of share button for screen shots, sometime after they first introduced photomode.

I switched it from the long hold because a single press is more instant for screenshot taking. At least I think long hold was the default, it could be double tap. I use double tap for record video. So you have to still do whichever button press method is the default.

They’ve yet to correct it. I Imagine the line of code checks for version being played and brings up the relevant “okay/confirm” button for that platform, which is commonly X for PS4 controls, and its just not a priority to sort it. Or just goes unnoticed by reports for more serious issues.

Currently my most sought after minor fix of a similar vein is allowing you to name discoveries with move controls in VR. It’s just not really practical having to search blindly for your ds4 every time :sweat_smile:


I find it highly insensitive to casually drop burns like this while that whole thing in the amazon is going on! :rofl:


Is siberia still burning too? Or have we decided to just forget about that? I’ve been to depressed to Google any of it lately. Much happier hiding in PSVR until the floods come :sleepy: