Photo Missions on XBox One

Hey guys,

I’m sure this has been asked a thousand and one times but I can’t find the answer.

Photo missions on Xbox One … How? What? Why?

Returning to the game to see how it’s developed and I can’t find the answer anywhere. Literally taken 200 screen shots of frozen planets & Shelters on different planets and the damn missions will not recognise it. :confused::confused::confused:


Are you taking the shot from within the games photomode, not just screenshotting the game?


I am… Press down on on the d-pad and then scroll along to the camera to open photo mode. Then press the guide button to take the shot.

No lucksee. :flushed:


Welcome to the forum @Jenrai. I remember these missions being very picky. Make sure you are getting a shot of exactly what it ask for. If it still gives you issues, make sure to


@Jenrai: You are doing it correctly by going into Photo Mode, then the guide button and Y button. This has however been an issue on Xbox for a long time, where it takes a while or completely fails to register at times.

With the Crossplay update however, this feature seems to have been completely broken again for Xbox users. As said above, report the issue and hopefully HG will get this fixed soon enough.


Hey there.

Thanks for the responses. I reported it to zendesk but wanted to connect to other gamers, make sure I wasn’t just missing something really obvious, at the same time. :+1::+1:


Hey guys, saw that this was a pretty recent forum for this game which has been hard to find for me.

I’m also having issues with the photo mode on Xbox.

The mission log information does get pretty specific with what to take a picture of. There’s a part that says something about being in ‘hostile terrain’ and ‘do not attract sentinel attention.

There’s also instruction to use the ship scanner, and that the client requires photos of specific worlds.

I assumed they mean the buildings with the red and white square house icon, but when photographed, no dice.


Welcome to the forum @TheLowestKey. I have only done a couple of these missions. The types of world worked for me by just snapping a landscape scene from the type of world described. Sorry, I have not done the others. I am sure someone here can help out.

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The Desolation patch notes included a fix for Photo Mode on Xbox:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented photo missions working correctly on Xbox.

Hopefully that has been sorted now?

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