For those who have trouble completing Photo Missions on console :)

So this was causing me problems on PS4 but might be common for people on xbox one or pc so I thought id point out the cause and give a solution :slight_smile:

No matter how many times I pressed the share button, quest still asked me to take photo. Then it dawned on me I have changed the share button settings from their default, so I pressed the share button twice, then I held it, because I can’t remember which is default, and that worked :slight_smile:

Cause seems to be an issue with only recognising the default share button method for screen shots on PS4.

Solution is to use default method for taking screen shots until they patch it to accept any press of the share button.

I don’t know how this works on xbox but I hope this helps anyone with the issue.

My bug with this was that it didn’t tell me when I succeeded. I didn’t think it was successful at first, but I saw it was completed automagically in my log.

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