Introduction Thread

Hey there… I found these forums whilst looking for inspiration for my base… and have stuck around since :stuck_out_tongue:
I only started playing NMS when NEXT was release, and I’m very glad I did :smiley:

Whilst there are certain elements of base building that are pretty annoying (how on earth do you use inside stairs??) I honestly have really enjoyed exploring and working through all the base missions. Just wish I’d gotten on board with the game earlier, but with the poor release it sort of fell by the wayside for me.


Hi @Aslad (salad :grin:)
& welcome to the forum.
We all play nice here so be sure to be nice too…it’s part of what makes this particular forum so great.
There are lots of conversations going on so check the current catagories (red) and see if your question has been already discussed.
Feel free to share your NMS images and tales like everyone else…and welcome to NMS since next is your first introduction.
The begining must have been hard with no idea what’s going on in a hostile environment :grimacing:


Yeah, I’ve been on and off reading this forum for a few days before I decided to make an account, I’m amazed at how friendly it is. Easily the most relaxed and non-hostile forum I’ve been on haha.

In regards to my question, it’s one I’ve read up on and it seems to be a bug, so I’m hoping it’ll be fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank for you for the welcome!


Welcome, @Aslad! I’m not much of a base builder, but I enjoy seeing all the creations here or in game. Be sure to share.

:smile: This really is an oasis of sorts, I am glad fans and newcomers can find it, like yourself.


Welcome @Aslad, have fun and enjoy the nicest community around!


Hey Aslad, welcome to the forums.

I’ve had struggles with the interior stairs for cuboid rooms too since the update, they used to snap to the inside of any cuboid but now they only seem to snap to two cuboids with a cuboid floor and will not snap to cuboid that have doors on them. Hope this helps.

I’ve learned sometimes you need to build unnecessary cuboids and floors just to get the stairs where you want it, you can then delete the unneeded cuboids and floors and the stairs will remain so long as the cuboid room it is in is not deleted. Then you can place what you want at the foot and head of the stairs.

This is only way I’ve managed to place them without having it connect to a false floor.

For example I used to place cuboids in a diagnol fashion with stairs going up, no false floors needed as each cuboid had its own original floor. Stairs no longer snap to the original floors of a cuboid, only the false floors now. So to achieve diagnol cuboid stairs you need to trick the stairs to do so using the above tip. It’s extra work but you can figure out a few hacks and tricks by messing around with things like that.


Interesting… I’ve never been able to get them to connect to floors either :confused:


Is it the old interior cuboid room stairs or the new wooden/concrete/steel steps? Cuboid stairs only work with cuboid rooms. The new wooden/concrete/steel materials don’t play nice with the old peices (mostly confined to structures category now) and the only decent way to link them up is with the new walls going into the old corridors then connecting those to cuboid or structure.


The cuboid inside stairs is what i’ve been trying to use :slight_smile:

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Build two levels of a 2x2 cuboid structure, place floors between two of the cubes, if stairs does not snap to these floors then definitely a bug, also make sure you’re not standing in or too close to where you’re placing them. Feels silly to mention but just making sure all possibilities are covered before we’re sure you’re bugged :slight_smile:


Definitely a bug then, as that’s one of the first things I tried :confused:

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Hey, @toddumptious,
I think this would be GREAT in the growing NEXT : Tips n Tricks (or whatever it’s called) thread; we should accumulate these sorts of things together - mini-hacks, until HG decides to change / improve(?) on the standing in-game procedures… :wink:

Also, would you be cool with, possibly, assembling a “visual example” of your interior stairs “work-in-progress”, ie before deleting the foundational cuboids for the diagonal stairs…?
… just to go with you “Tip/Hack” description. :smiley: :+1:

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Welcome, @Aslad! :smiley:

Hope you’re “finding your feet” nicely enough so far.
Looking forward to your eventual shared screenshots of whatever you build!

You’ve already done a good thing, to browse several threads …
One tiny shame, though, is having done it before you made an account – there’s a “Badge” you’d qualify for, having read so many threads! :smiley:

Anyway, welcome once more to the ETARC CSD forum, community, and - eventually, perhaps - hub (in game community base)!

:sunglasses: :+1:


I didn’t know there was a hub :hushed:
Honestly now my base is mostly complete I’m just trying to work out how to travel to distance galaxies… I keep seeing things about glyphs, and how they’re apparently bugged on PS4… so idk :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the welcome!


Hello everyone.
i just get the game earlier this afternoon, and it sound pretty cool.
i have never spoil myself in it, and the few i saw in the game make me feel that i gonna be busy with it.
i need to understand how it work, but i will get it.
anyway, in the exploration way, it look huge and complete in the -fill me that database please- way.
i am exited.
hope to see you around.


Welcome parcival- enjoy your stay, take lots of screenshots of your adventures!


thank you.
i will sure, may i shall say i am playing on xbox, but i assume it may not be a big deal right?
and, if you have advice, you know for beginners, without asking of course, i will anyway be thankfull.


There are some handy topics going with answers for various things, and here’s one with some helpful hints as well.

My advice is take your time and enjoy it, don’t try to get rich quick, or get the best stuff as soon as you can - you just make it a grind doing that. As you progress everything becomes easier to earn and find.


i do not attempt to be rich in a day, my things is more exploration anyway.
i will sure take my time.
i will read the topics you sent me, thank you.


Wise words. @parcival The game is best enjoyed at your own pace. Explore a galaxy of 18 Quintilian planets. There isn’t a “game” to complete, or finish. It’s all about the journey. Make your own way in the galaxy Interloper.