Building Deco Issues

A number of issues are showing up. Hope they get fixed soon.
*The new shelving unit: can only place items properly on the top shelf. The lower shelves will not allow placement deeper than the edge of the shelf.
*wall tapestry: will not attach to the walls with snap on or off. Wants to reside inside the walls.
Also finding that many items are not sitting on surfaces but floating above them.


@sheralmyst : Not deco specific, but not sure if this needs a new (Building general?) thread?

On an old save (Creative), was unable to place hydroponics trays: “Must attach to structure”. This was in a planet base in both square and round rooms, I haven’t tried in a freighter.
Turning on free placement mode allowed placement, but for those of us with OCD, hopefully they’ll fix snapping placement.


Free placement is all the rage! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Why would you want to return to limited choices?
Hmmmm…I wonder if I can glitch a bazillion of them together…( note to self)
But, yes, I would think they should still snap. Should report it to the