SPOILER:Special encounters puzzles

So far others have too




Let’s call this the ‘Numerical station puzzle’!


Some have also encountered ‘hyperspace navigation station’


another puzzle to solve for CSD?


@William: I have changed the topic from the archived Community Puzzles to NMS Beyond.

I honestly doubt there is any puzzle involved with this, but it would not hurt collecting the data found to see if some sort of pattern emerges.

You can add the following ones as well:
Number Station by @AdaRynin: 171 717 836 719 735
Hyperspace Navigation Station by @johnnycloud: 00018400f3436503

You got a couple already and I may have missed a few.


It makes me wonder about the Relic Gate @BoomstickJoe found, which actually worked. It also reminds me of the generation numbers we get from the circular Boundary Failures, which we have assumed were portals of some sort. And all of that makes me wonder what HG may be cooking up for the future. I still hope that one day, a journey to the center leads to something important.


I’m yet to encounter most of these new finds, but as Travellers in individual iterations, we are all experiencing the same new shift in our parallel realities.

First, (a long time ago), we started out, alone & confused, on a quest to …well nowhere it seems. Our existence seemed aimless, our destination unclear. In the depths of 18 quintillian potentials, we may have drowned.

Later, we became settlers, with vehicles & bases & perhaps discovering a meaning to our existence, beyond just endlessly travelling. Our homes, become farms & our farms became trading ports.

Then, in a jolting cataclysmic change to our universe, we found our existence & everything we knew forever altered.
We discovered long dead portals coming back online & uncovered rare & elegant ships.
We began to find our existences crossed over with other travellers, viewed as orb glitches or as holographic projections of the long lost.
Anomalous planets, never seen before, presented us with new unsolved mysteries their confusing terrains dotted by dormant, cryptic machines.

Then, in yet another universal jolt, we found ourselves face to face with our fellow travellers & over time developed not just the inter-Traveller interactions we so longed for, but also the ability to explore the abysal depths, to build together & then later to create our palatial bases full of music, colour & light.
In this time, we discovered the remnant technologies scattered across the surfaces of the worlds & also the remains of freighters destroyed in an unwritten cataclysm. More anonymous planets were found, merging the lifeless ‘strange’ with the bizarre beauty of equally strange worlds, yet full of life.
The merging of the realities brought forth the potential for intergalactic travel & for all travellers to be able to co-exist & join forces via the Anomoly-Nexus.

And now, here we are; learning more of what came before.
Out in the cold space, mysterious evidence can be found of a history untold. Machines, wreckage & things never seen before await us.
Histories are becoming known & the long lost Living Ships are once again among us.
As each era passes, more is found, yet the mysteries of the Atlas deepen, slipping sideways, just out of focus & eluding us.
Are we coming to the end of 16?
How long can the existence hold before the inevitable reset?
What is behind the veil we now know is there but can’t reach for or pull aside?
Is it darkness or just a shadow?


One day, when the last update drops, they will lead to a planet where will have to mine a special resource , a stack if 1,616. We then hand the resource to a prop that converts it to a coin. We feed the coin to another prop that opens up a binocular recipie. We add it to our multi tool enabing a new scanner mode. We then have to decode riddles to get portal coordinates. These coordinates will take 24 hrs to recombine and lead to another planet where we use the new binocular mode to see 30 foot high letters of fire, the final words of Sean Murray, that spell out “Thanks for playing”. :rofl:


I was half expecting the text to be " We apologize for the inconvenience."…


I was kind of thinking “Go Stick Your Head in a Pig”.


Anomalous numbers station

no. 645, 69, 437, 134, 293.


I found a Plasmic Accident! It was nice and I didn’t intend to murder it, but when I bumped into it I noticed it was destructable. When I destroyed it I got a message:

“Extreme sub-audible frequency detected”

And it gave me… “Nightmarish coils”… whose description says it’san appalling relic that will stalk me to the next galaxy and it recommends selling it before the curse sets in… :fearful: :cold_sweat: :pleading_face:


It screamed. Yeah. Sell it quick! :scream:


If you find someone asking for an egg, you could try giving it to them.


Yes, please. Do this @AdaRynin. Stand by the Nexus until someone asks for an egg. :rofl:


Muhahahahahaha yesss


Another numbers station


60, 678, 680, 383, 658.

Also a relic gate!

I travelled through it 1.2 million light years. There was another one ahead. I stupidly decided to visit the space station and by the time I’d left it had gone.

Sorry for the bad photos, but there is no space camera in VR so only option is to use oculus screen shotter which isn’t very good.


Discarded Frieghter Storage Pod

Received small amount of Ammonia when destroyed.


Hey there I found another number similar to the first. But not identical. It flashed up as I was completing my living ship mission.

0001 0100 0228 d683

Here’s the other:

0001 8400 f343 6503



PC Creative.
on my way back to the Anomaly a “webbed planet” nearby began to flash and shimmer in bright red lights. Hard to describe. I tried to get a shot of it, but then my communicator sounded:

When I ended the communication the red strafing on the surface of the planet ceased.