Space Station Teleporting

Has anyone else have this problem?
When playing NMS on PS4, the only space stations that can be accessed through the portal in any Space station after the release of Beyond, are those that were listed prior to the Beyond up date.

You can travel to any base on a planet that you build, but you cannot travel to any space station that you have visited after the Beyond update.

Therefore you cannot travel back to any space station you have visited after the Beyond updated and whilst to travel towards the galaxy centre.

You can only visit future bases and not any of those visited after the the Beyond update, so a revisit to past bases is not possible,

It is possible that a future programme update will cure this problem, maybe.


I have moved you to a new topic. I have not heard of this issue. But I am on PC mostly. Hope someone can help you out.


I noticed on PS4 that many (not all) old system addresses were wiped from the teleporter with the BEYOND update.
New systems are recorded as usual.
Your problem sounds reversed…


I am seeing the same issue (I wasn’t aware until I looked for it.) I have visited 2 new systems since Beyond. The appear in my discoveries but the teleporter does not list them. I even used the teleporter in one of them to return to my base.


Not much help, but just for completeness sake, the Problem does not exist in a new game.