My base archive update is at the wrong base computer

It says its time to update the base archive again, but this time its making me go to a base on a different planet.

The only reason the base exsists is to quickly get Cadmium.

So, why does it think this is my ‘home’ base archive now and can I fix it?


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If you have more than one base, this will happen. The only way to fix it is to delete all but one or else you will just have to rotate between them.


@SirGreenDay: I have included the BEYOND prefix in the topic title. I changed category to ‘Bugs & Issues’ as this is considered to be a bug.

Until HG addresses the issue, @sheralmyst’s solution is the only way to get around it.


Really? In my experience, you just activate the base archive mission, walk up to any of your base computers, and you’re all set… ?


The mission will highlight a different base comp each time. I am basing that info on what has been passed on to me. It has never happened to me personally. You could be correct.


You’re both not wrong, jedidias right that any base computer will do once the mission is selected but I did have one occasion for about two or three days during the post-next patches where I couldn’t. It’s possible that old bug has cropped up again like a few others that have reappeared with Beyond or it will work right away when sir green day tries the suggested solutions.

Let us know how you get on @SirGreenDay


My partner’s game (PS4 P/DEATH NEXT-ERA SAVE)
After completing part of the Atlas Quest where you are relocated to a new galaxy, (in this case the Hilbert Dimension), the Base Computer Archives mission keeps insisting it’s the computer at the base that has been left behind in Euclid.
Obviously this is not reachable so the mission is jammed.
Other than utilizing multiplayer, (which is not an option on this profile), with someone standing at the base so it can then be deleted, we cannot think of a way to reset this to the current base.
Any ideas?


Wasn’t it possible to teleport to any of your bases now, regardless of Galaxy? Making sure you have a base at your current system/galaxy, you should be able to teleport back and forth. This should work from a Space Station, although the Nexus should also work. Be careful using the Nexus teleport though, unless they fixed the rather big issue it used to have.


After the 2.11 update on PS4 it’s working & access to the old base is now working :grin: :+1:


Happy to hear it worked out for you. We have been quite a bit ahead on PC when it comes to fixes. Good to know you are all back on track again for that matter :wink: