Can't Progress Base Archive Recovery

I get to the part in the Archives quest where you have to wait 5 hours then the base computer tells me to go to an abandoned building in a different system. After the lore it gives me a ship upgrade module and thats it. Then it tells me to wait 5 hours. Which I did. Base computer then tells me to go to the same abandoned building for the same ship upgrade. Now I’m told to wait another 5 hours. Maybe if I warp to a far away system and reset the quest? What do you guys think?


I’d report it as a bug, the “wait five hours” thing seems wrong to me let alone the fact that it asks you to go to the same abandoned building


I had to do the 1.5 hour wait twice in a row for the same archive once already.

Also my Scientist wasn’t happy with going to the monolith one already and decided to repeat it.


There used to be a bug that wouldn’t accept mission steps if the mission wasn’t actively selected in the LOG at the begining. Maybe it’s popped up again with the reset. ?
Hopefully this will be fixed soon…

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Yeah I found that as well Mad,

I had to reselect the mission, then hit the base computer.

I think I am up to 58% now.


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