Quick Transfer

Let’s just say there is nothing quick about it. I use an XBox controller on PC. They took away Y as the transfer button. I now have to manually drag and drop every item. When moving from my suit to my cargo, items usually do not make it. I end up dropping them back into my suit. And can no longer send things to my Freighter…bummer.

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Has it been like this for you since NEXT launched or something introduces by the 1.58 experimental? As of right now on PS4 with patch 1.57 I still have the option to press triangle(equivalent of Y on the Xbox controller) for quick transfer between storage places.

With 1.57 sending to freighter is still completely unlimited…doesn’t even have to be in the same system as me or anything.

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This just happened with the 1.58 exp. Had the option there before this.

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Hard to say what’s intentional and what’s a bug right now…worth reporting as a bug I think.

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Hmmm interesting I also use an Xbox controller on PC [still on 1.57] and Y still works - agree report as bug, cause otherwise “would make the game very tedious” for me all the manual inventory transferring…noooooooo!


Reported and sent the pic


It’s not a game killer for me but it would be annoying.


So, apparently, this drag and drop is the new normal. This is how it is meant to be. Not exactly quick.

Funny thing is, using the cursor to select where you’re transferring stuff has always been a possibility, my friend always used to do it and it drove me mad. I’d yell D PAD at him every time.

The only thing that’s new is, if you click an empty spot in exosuit and transfer a stack of 1000 from somewhere, it let’s you place multiple stacks of 250, which is a lot quicker on that end.

But the removal of the d pad selection? HERESY!


It’s convenient enough on PC, but the fact that I have to press X on an empty slot, choose the item, and then place it in my inventory manually although I had designated a slot already for triggering the action is somewhat silly.
On the plus side, having found not just one, but apparently 25 developers that are even worse at UI design than I am is kind of comforting… :smile:


Thats a great new feature and I don’t really mind the drag and drop inventory shuffle.
Slightly slower but the triangle & X thing on PS4 had me often sending things to the wrong inventory.

Not happy about losing the ability to shuffle from freighter to storage to suit. I used that a lot when at my base. Much more convenient than having to go on board the freighter.


If you build some vaults on the freighter you can still do that.

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I have my Storage Containers on my Freighter as well. Just awkward how there is no direct access, having to move items from one place to the next, before having access. This includes the current Ship, even when out of range. Just have to be on any of my bases. Doesn’t quite make sense when able to get the items, but no direct access, over-complicated …



I loved my orbit to ground for free.

Now I have to fly up every time I need something that I thought was valuable.

Change how I stored things, to keep essentials for ship repair in orbit and everything else for crafting on the ground.


If you build some vaults in your freighter, you can transfer to them and collect at your base just like before-no need to go onboard besides that initial build of them

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Yes. I know what you mean.
Once you build vaults on the freighter and on the ground you get 2 storage vault inventories to interact with which makes things a bit better.
Something has changed though because I cannot always access my freighter inventory to transfer to its vaults. :thinking:

I saw that earlier but didn’t realize you would get a 2nd space for the vaults.

I will try that shortly.



You don’t actually get a second space. You merely get a second access to the same space. In fact, if you build different containers in a base and on a freighter, but they have some overlap, inventory management takes on a whole new dimension of messynes.

Forget about my old colour coded vaults if I shuffle via inventory menu only. Everything ends up everywhere. Even same materials get separated if there is a gap in the numerical sequence of vault spaces somewhere.
OCD organizer’s nightmare :scream:

Yeah it still blows my mind that it doesn’t just transfer to an open stack - has to go to the next in order :frowning: