Freighter buying

I landed on a frieghter I had helped out in a flight, spoke to the captain as I wanted to buy it but wasn’t sure if I’d lose all the stuff in my current freighter and there wasn’t an option to compare like there has been before, so I backed out, when I went back to try again it treated it as if I had bought it even tho no units had been taken, the only option it then gave me was to transfer stuff from my current freighter to my ship and vice versa

I’m kind of surprised no one else has posted in this because I just had the same thing. I backup my save regularly of course so I’m okay but I finally found a freighter I actually wanted to buy and I hoped as of 1. 53 they fix the buying Freighters bug but they have not. When I went to buy it I could not transfer my inventory over so I guess I won’t be buying a new freighter until they fix this.

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Yeah it’s quitw annoying, it is doable but you need to clear your current freighter out into other inventories before you buy if poss

Well I know if I go to a space station it kills the quest I don’t know if I go to my freighter if it’ll kill the quest because then I can go to my freighter put all of my freighter inventory on to my other ships and buy the new freighter.

I have this bug any time I save a freighter and land on it in my current pre next save. Every time I offer to buy freighter, I don’t get a compare option and it acts like offering to buy freighter immediately bought the freighter, because talking to NPC afterwards acts like they’re my freighter captain, and even brings up my freighter menu and storage if I ask to transfer inventory. Keeps scaring me every time because I always think I’ve accidently bought some awful freighter :joy: have submitted it as of a week ago to zendesk.


This might not be directly linked to this thread but does anyone know if it’s possible, in multiplayer, to have more than one frieghter in a system I.e. can all players call their frieghter in? I’m sure I was able to do it once but can’t seem to do it now or is it a case of they just have to be far from each other?

No sadly only host can call their freighter. But next is just another stepping stone so maybe somewhere down the road it could be a possibility.


Had the same thing happen when buying a freighter after a space battle. I can confirm you will lose everything you had on your previous freighter. Lucky enough I had a save to try the battle again, so I made sure to first transfer my items from my freighter elsewhere. While at it, decided to clear all default rooms and whatever else I could to then attempt the space battle / buy freighter again. Ended up with an even better freighter too, A-Class 34 iso B-Class 31 :wink:

This is a known issue which has yet to be fixed. The compare option is not available after a battle, thus no way to transfer items. You will not get a reward either when declining to buy, nor do you get a discount when you do decide to buy, like we had in Atlas Rises.


I have been told - but haven’t tested myself -that if you have your current in the same system you get the normal compare and swap inventories. Worth a shot next time maybe.


When getting a freighter battle to help out with, you just warped into the system. You usually don’t go about parking your freighter somewhere first, before joining in for the fight. I could give it a try next time though …


That’s exactly why I hadn’t ever tried it - I just jump right in :smiley:

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Well I guess you could summon your freighter after the battle before you go into the battled freighter.


Yes. Summon your freighter into the battle system to ensure it allows inventory storage. Before or after the battle but before your conversation with the captain of the rescued freighter.

Prior to NEXT, I often summoned my freighter so I could swap to my better equipped fighter so I’m sort of used to calling it.

Two useful things I’ve noticed is:

  • if you are trying to call in a freighter quite close to other freighters or space stations, placing the freighter positioning hologram among the nearest asteroids allows it to warp in…sometimes quite close to other vessels & it saves you hunting for a parking spot.

  • if you come out of warp facing a battle, simply spinning about 180 degrees allows you to call your freighter right in behind you, making swapping ships easy.


I fixed the spelling in your title…it was driving me nuts :smile:


Thanks!! I’d like to say it’s my predictive text but it’s probably my spelling! Lol

In 1.3, somebody worked out a set of rules used to govern when you would come out of warp, and find a capital ship battle that might allow you to buy a new freighter.

I don’t remember the details. It went something like:

“They won’t appear until you’ve completed 2.5 hours of continuous play. After that, they appear every fifth jump you make”.

I remember trying them once or twice, and they seemed to work reasonably well.

Does anybody know if there are similar rules for the current version of the game? I can’t spot any obvious pattern.

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It seems to be the same, if you haven’t left current system after x hours of play, your next jump will spawn one. Or if you jump several times in succession before whatever the time period is (it may have changed with NEXT) you seem to hit them on maybe the fifth or sixth jump?

I’m positive about the x amount of time passed in single system method, because generally, that’s how I play, so nearly every time I jump to a system I hit one of them. Stupid distracting planets getting me caught up in other people’s space problems.

Not sure on exact time but it can’t be more than three houra and no less than one hour as that’s where my playsessioms tend to fall around. Though no idea if that’s cumulative across play sessions (I. E if you have several short twenty minute play sessions spread over a day or more, will that add up for a warp jump freighter kerfuffle?)