Can we have more than one starship w/out freighter?

As in the title. irrc, that changed to “yes” in NEXT, is it true also in BEYOND?


I was wondering the same thing since doing a fresh start. Ran into an issue where I had to revert saves because I found a crashed ship. Tried to acquire it and I saw a warning prompt stating I should transfer items. I apprehensively continued assuming all would be fine as the prompt said “Add ship to collection” and it just switched ships like in vanilla and I lost my items. So I believe we may need to have the freighter first!



That sounds like it should be reported as a bug.

It shouldn’t give you the option to purchase/or/exchange and then only exchange when you choose purchase.

Frack! And I was just about to leave the station in search of abandoned/crashed ships. :sigh:


I redeemed my pre order ship in beyond and chose to add to collection, my starter ship transformed into it so I couldn’t switch back. I don’t remember this happening in my new next playthrough, I recall keeping both my starter and pre order ships before having a freighter.

Dunno if it’s a bug or they’ve reverted with Beyond to the ore-next times, so now you do need a freighter. Cna anyone else help shed light on the situation? If bug or intended change?


Did a test on a newish save with no freighter.
3 options for BUY , EXCHANGE , DECLINE were offered. Couldn’t actually attempt purchase due to minimum funds but this would suggest you can have multiple ships before you own a freighter.
I also remember someone mentioning this back in early NEXT.


You should be able to call the other one in from the summoning menu. I’m not sure what happens if its launch thrusters are empty, though…


That is what is confusing --having all three options available, but no freighter to store them if you only want to purchase,

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I guess you simply can’t access it until you get a freighter later on. Once you do, it (& any others) will just get carted around in the freighter as per usual.

Word of caution: I’m not sure if claiming wrecks is still possible but I found during NEXT that a severely damaged starship on board the freighter messed with the on board vault access menus on PS4.


Out of hearts again! :frowning:

It used to be that we could go back to our old ship (if we didn’t log out or leave the station, and put the fuel in that it needed. Then go back to your new ship.

Without a warp engine you couldn’t call it outside of the system it was in, but you could call it anywhere within the system as long as it had launch fuel. (iirc)

Now it seems the npcs will grab it as an abandoned ship in the station. Perhaps it would be better to purchase from Trading Posts? Dunno if the npcs grab it there or not.


Yes. You can still claim wrecks. Still limited to 6 ships total and they are still missing from my freighter.


Okay I just bought my first ship in new playthrough.

Do not have freighter.

I have two ships I can summon now :slight_smile:

I guess the pre order ship just replaces a ship or maybe just your starter ship if no freighter and its Yr only ship


So no npc showed up and took your old ship away behind your back? :no_mouth:

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Nope, I just chose add to collection.

Was your old ship your starter ship in a new game? That could be something to do with it?

If not, must be an occasional bug.

I had nobody to steal my starter ship because it was my pre order ship redemption that just replaced it, so no npc around during purchase.

I was parked planetside on the landing pad of a minor settlement when I redeemed the pre order ship too, thought worth mentioning in case it’s noteworthy in figuring this out.

So technically this ship purchase is my third ship. This one I purchased on a space station. I even flew away to another planet and returned and my pre order ship was still on the space station. When I purchased my new ship the npc teleported into nothingness.

I can now summon my pre order ship and my new ship but as I expected, the starter ship is kaput from pre order redeeming.