Quick Transfer

Ya before it was a bug to be able to send anything from exosuit to base storage boxes from anywhere in galaxy. It was a lot faster but you could Actualy use triangle on ps4 to send it and retrieve it from anywhere. Now you have to physicaly be on freighter.( can still summon it for free but then you gotta fly to it.) I guess I got used to being lazy.

As long as you are at any of your bases you are fine.

If not on a base, then access is limited, with being able to send to freighter, but not receive. If not on a base you can still transfer from freighter to storage as well, but not receive from storage either.

When on any base however, transfer is funky. I can get items from my freighter by transferring from freighter to storage first, then from storage to inventory. I can even get items from my ship if it is out of range, the same way. Ship to Freighter to Storage to inventory. It is basically an extra step to get the items, making me wonder why direct transfer is not an option, forcing an alternative route to get the items regardless.

I don’t even think it matters where you have your storage containers located, they will always be on a base, which includes freighter, as it is considered a base when upper deck. For that matter there is no reason at all to have duplicate storage containers either. Having the full set a single time is all you need, with access to them on any base. Only for aesthetics would you possibly want duplicate containers.

Another funky thing I noticed are the exocraft. No matter where you are, you can always transfer items from your suit to them. However, this only works when transferring from cargo inventory slots in your suit when they are out of range. When trying this from normal suit inventory, they are unavailable. The other way around works as intended I guess, they need to be within vicinity. Same as a ship out of range, I can still get items from it when on a base. Once again, transfer to freighter, to storage, to inventory.

I find the inventory system awkward in general and can certainly use some improvements. My main gripe is not being able to access other ship’s inventory when on my freighter. I know my ships are all present in the hangar bay, but am forced to go downstairs and switch ship in case I need something from another ship than my current.

Oh well, I can work with it, but I am still hoping for some improvements to the system to logically make sense. Not to mention the UI/interaction itself …

Noticed the following as well just now. With my exocraft all in range, I can only transfer to my suit from the active one through my suit inventory. The transfer screen for the inactive exocraft does show, with the items active, but clicking does nothing. Also the Transfer Items text calls it a starship instead of an exocraft.