Qp8: hub wars. every reason to avoid network play

Why HUB’s at all? So not only do you move to a limited area of the Universe & get told how everything is by others but now 2 Hubs have effectively declared war on each other (https://kotaku.com/no-man-s-sky-players-had-their-first-war-and-it-killed-1821399331).

Human Beings, Who Knew?

The worst thing about Hub’s is everyone documenting where everything is including Portal Address/Glyph for rare items. So no need to bother exploring then?

Even worse, people leave Beacons so you do not even have to search the planet.

I am all for people showing there is such an item in the wild. It appeals to our worst instincts, cheating and lazyness for two. There I was, happily tootling around with everything I could need and enjoying it, then I am told the Universe may end on 24th July so I have to delete my highly profitable base and store everything on my Freighter (Please can we call them Carriers?) and one 48 slot Hauler to await Armageddon. Then I realise we might loose Squids & Alien MT’s or at least they may get much harder to get so off I go and get both. I should point out that I already had everything with only a B Class Rifle and a Mosquito Exotic that is still more powerful in all categories than the Squid I now have. I do not play online at all. Not because I don’t mind meeting people and maybe making a friend, but as we also saw in Elite Dangerous there are people who are always bullies by their nature. The Hub Wars are another example. Somebody will spoil your game just because he/she can.

I’m off to anywhere other than a Hub and I suspect avoiding the Centre is a probably a good idea.

So HG , please destroy all HUBs on the 24th July, and then no more spoiling posts please.

If you won’t do that, then make Centres/Hubs much more dangerous places to live. If the game detects more inhabitants send more and more powerful raiders/pirates. If that is where people are then there are more pickings to be had.

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