German article on the Galactic Hub

Check out this German article about the Galactic Hub, and how to get there by donswelt on his blog:


Thanks that’s an interesting read.

I had to translate it using Google to read it and I thought I would share the amusing translation of the first paragraph. I nearly choked on my coffee when Google came up with this line, ‘Distrustful, because that does not really fit in the hypnotizing and lethargic pregnant image of the game.’’ Pregnant??? LOL

The site is though a good read if you can stop laughing at the peculiar translations.
Here’s the first paragraph direct from Google:

On July 24, just before the two-year anniversary of the best game in the world , this gets a more sophisticated multiplayer mode with the so-called NEXT update, and much more important, even an Xbox One version. But, and here would be the appropriate place for a reaction gif with suspicious statement, also PVP: Player versus Player. Distrustful, because that does not really fit in the hypnotizing and lethargic pregnant image of the game. But I’m confident that Hellogames, whose updates on No Man’s Sky have so far brought great improvements, will make it again this time and will not disappoint. Either way, the game will most likely remain one of the biggest playing fields under the sun, and that raises two big questions: “How do I find any players I can fight against?” And "What if I do not want to fight, but with wants to discover the galaxy together? " Of course, I do not know what makes NEXT different, but I can say one thing about both answers: Fly to the Galactic Hub!


This is what happens when someone uses slang language. Translators have a hard time getting the intended meaning.


Google translate obviously never had interactions with a pregnant woman. They are anything but lethargic! :smile:


You funny english speaking people, now you get an impression of what the not english speaking people get all the times from these translator abortions.


PS. I think this article is a welcome german tutorial. It describes nicely how dedicated the NMS community is.