Pre-Order Ship crashes PC Game Entering the NEXUS

Has anyone else had their pre-order ship (if you have one) go into a spinning loop trying to land on the NEXUS? I have tried this with a 15Hour Survival Mode save and it keeps happening. I’m unsure if it is only related to the pre-order, just my game or anyone elses? Also you can not exit the ship once in the loop and phot mode just freezes the game. :upside_down_face:


This is happening to so many people, myself included. It has more to do with the Nexus being full than anything else. It is annoying. The situation was much improved today but it still happens. Shutting down your game is the only way out that I know of.
Save before entering the Nexus.


Space Jam :slight_smile:


Here’s another spinning ship I saw. Though I have sped it up somewhat creating the gif.


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