Game Crashing

Has anybody been unable to exit their starship without the game crashing and closing?
It keeps happening to me…

Where is your starship located when this happens? Are you in a Space Station, at your base, on a Freighter, or at some location planet side? Some additional info would be useful.

I’ve tried exiting the ship in a space station, on planet, and on my freighter. The game crashes as soon as I go out.

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This sounds like a good bug to submit to ZenDesk.

Before you do that, I should ask the general tech-support question: “Did you power down your system and try again?”

I have this problem any time I use third person ship view in space station or freighter, getting out or taking off will crash game.

Changing to first person cockpit view prevented this from reoccurring.

Just thought I’d mention it in case this is exactly what’s causing you trouble too. If you’re in first person all the time in ship then I can’t help you troubleshoot any further :frowning:


I think that stopped it. I switched to first person once and then back, and it started working.