PC Players can just edit their save file to get Quicksilver. How will HG prevent that from ruining community events?

A friend of mine just edited his save file and got 99,999 Quicksilver. He could use it to buy all the stuff in the new store on PC experimental. Isn’t the new currency supposed to be incentive to participate in some new community events? People on PC will just get all the rewards instantly. Is there any way Hello Games can prevent that?


I was thinking that quicksilver would be used to purchase non-essential items. What did the store sell? If it was things like cosmetic items, or decorations, it probably wouldn’t be too bad, just if it was something actually helping gameplay.

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PC players can already edit their save files to change inventory size on ships, give themselves units or nanites, so messing up gameplay balance isn’t the issue I’m raising.

My point is PC players will have no need to participate in the community events (whatever they will be) because they can just get all the rewards automatically (and yes, the rewards are emotes and stuff).


On PC you can pretty much get anything without any effort through modding. Of course the same is possible for Quicksilver, or the items involved. So yes, if you want to ‘cheat’, you can, as long as it doesn’t really affect others.

I don’t see why Quicksilver is any different compared to other ways to ‘cheat’. All they end up doing is ruin their own ‘true’ game experience, making it easy for themselves. They get no sense of having accomplished anything. The community events are pointless to those who wish to cheat. For them there is no need to participate …

My main worry though is how those events are going to be setup. If these events are going to require multiple players, I will be forced to find players I can trust. I can see it become a great place for trolls and those who wish to ruin the fun for others. I don’t care about players cheating, as long as it doesn’t affect me. With ‘community’ events I can see this be an issue though, unless done right :frowning:


On PC you have no “need” to play the game at all, if just having all the stuff is the only thing you’re after. It’s always been that way.

There is, but it gets very messy very fast. A major reason for that is GoG. Because GoG will never allow a system where your primary save is not stored on the users computer, since it’s a form of DRM by nature. That crap don’t fly.
Other than branching out and completely scrapping any plans for multiplayer on GoG, there’s only one feasible solution I could see: A third-party account that you set up on an NMS server whose only purpose is to register and track your quicksilver and purchases and synchronise your local game if the connection is available, and blocking just the store if none is but letting you play the rest of the game without limitation. Somethig like this might be deemed acceptable by GoG, as long as nothing essential to the core game is sold in that store.
If any of the games’ progress would require something from that store, that solution would be right out the window too, though.

I really don’t think there will be any level of coordination required for these events. I expect a box to tick off, just that the ticking of the box will be submitted to a server for bookkeeping. How you tick off the box will probably be entirely up to you.


For information, Quicksilver store items:

Store is accessed via the previously locked door in Nada and Polo’s space anomaly.


The mind blown emote! Bloody finally! :smile:


Another way they could fix it is ditch the currency idea and just make missions we earn cosmetic rewards for doing. Yes, modding could also give them to you, but it might be more difficult than just adding a currency code to your save file.

Only marginally. If you’re willing to edit your save file to get stuff, it won’t really matter if you have to edit 10 entries instead of one. A currency has the benefit that you can choose what exactly you want for a reward.

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Looking at the ones available ATM, that’s exactly what they appear to be. Trophies, with no practical application.

I don’t mind people cheating in non competitive situations or aspects of a game, as others have said they only ruin or diminish their own experience.

Those who are actively looking forward to taking part in events will take part. I’m sure even some of those who cheat the quicksilver will take part too for the experience of it alone but couldn’t resist buying all the stuff immediately.

I really thought that said Bob statue. I’d very much like a Bob statue. And a Mr/Ms Noodle hamster cage.

Edit: somehow glossed over the Galactic Hub logo. That is a very nice touch, I guess we’ll be getting more hub logos down the road :slight_smile:


You gotta remember: for some people, cheating is the accomplishment

To be perfectly honest I don’t think they can or will prevent save editing on the PC side…they could in theory ban accounts who buy for more worth than they could have earned but I don’t think they will…not over silly cosmetics. Though I do hear some Xbox players were banned from NMS online for unclear reasons though it appears to be related to griefing and deleting others’ bases.

Aside from that all I can say is that the insane over the top cheating is why I don’t play my PC copy of NMS and have played the game exclusively on PS4. Sure there’s some exploits here and there like duping but units aren’t a huge deal…they’re a relatively minor part in having the good stuff and even when you get the good S class stuff it’s no good until you fill it with good tech modules and to get to have it all amazing you still very much have to earn it.


For me the attainment of Quicksilver is not as important as how I will attain it. I am in the camp that Modding to improve the stability of the game would be fine. Modding to make the game look different already starts distancing me from the other Platforms and is a big no no to me. Modding to get an advantage just removes the fun of getting those things through innovation and hard work :slight_smile:

I am glad we are getting to see what is up ahead probably in 1.59 or even version 1.6.

My friend has been killing Sentinels and has told me he has found statues and even installed them on my bases :slight_smile: I don’t understand why they can appear as loot drops if they are for the Events and the new currency. I suspect he modded the game somewhat and maybe that is why he can get the drops. I never have gotten one from fighting Sentinels and now that I know what they are rewards for I hope not too till the event drops :slight_smile:

Anyway ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Murray Nextmass And A Happy New Patch Day To All You Traveler Friends :slight_smile:


Yesssss! :slight_smile:

You do not get statues from killing Sentinels. The only way to get any of those rewards is through Quicksilver, which is not ‘legitimately’ available yet until the community events start.

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Yep…can confirm that’s a pure lie…I have killed dozens of wlakers and hundreds of others since NEXT and statues absolutely do NOT drop from sentinels.

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Exploit info can be found below. I don’t use or encourage the use of exploits, I’m just making a point. If you don’t like or use exploits, don’t bother clicking the spoiler.

Actually, the dupe glitch can get you nanites too. You just duplicate upgrade modules and sell them to the nanite trader. They really need to fix that bug.

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I suppose it’s still better than pressing a button and pushing ship/multitool stats to +999% across the board and making all ships 48 slots plus 48 tech slots and multitool with 48 tech slots and changing stuff with seeds and so on. But yeah…still needs to be fixed. Though for the time being we do get the option to fully control how multiplayer affects us and at least on PS4/XB1 there’s no way that will be circumvented assuming it works and the game doesn’t screw up on its own.

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Actually, I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen the Astronaut statues in a build menu before.