Patient Intervention Thread - Toby


Maybe it has, I don’t think they mentioned this lightly, as you have to have all recipes and continue visiting operations centers to see it.


From a lore perspective maybe Telamon may be questionable but realistically we know it’s impossible for Telamon to be bad because she’s our suit’s AI…she could kill us at any time and we wouldn’t be able to do anything about it…and she’s not terribly likely to go away at any point either.


Telamon actually says (and I paraphrase, because I don’t have the actual quote to hand) “I will keep you safe, right up to the very end”. It sounds as if Telamon is doing you a favour. It’s carefully worded. But what if what Telamon wants is your death - at a particular time, in a particular place?

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I don’t see how you read it that way though…it sounds to me like she’ll keep us safe until the end of all things…when the Atlas and everything else dies. Because again…from a game perspective there may be story expansions and they might end…but the game won’t end…we’ll still be able to keep playing as normal…and Telamon will have to be along for the ride for as long as there’s a game to be played.


Actually he is a descendant of Popocatepetl…he tries to keep it secret. If you don’t believe me just check the video on him on the csd games website. But I am getting off topic for this thread so I will mention nothing more.


I think it would be best to stay on the topic of Toby specifically, although I understand the temptation to get into a deeper discussion to discuss the dreamers and events in general. May I remind you all of the below topic:

Would suit the more general discussion very well in my opinion, or possibly create a new topic.

Just a suggestion… as moving similar discussion which has started to spread across all of the dreamers, would prolly result in a bit of a mess … unless you all want me to go ahead.


Sorry @DevilinPixy I get swept away thinking about these things!

Toby is something of riddle to me. How did they convince his parents? Was it a trick or did they volunteer him? Do THEY work for WARE? His dad is supposedly a police officer but a child could easily mistake that for a security guard. Why the heck does WARE need kids?


I think the issue is a lot of the time there isn’t much to say about Toby that hasn’t been said when his activities happened and nobody seems to have much to say about Toby for the time being.


All I am trying to say is that I think general discussion of the dreamers, how it may tie into the lore, possible connections with W/ARE, what Emily is up to etc … may best fit a topic on its own.

Just because Toby has not had much attention, doesn’t mean it would make it the best suitable topic to discuss these things :wink:


You mean the both of them? Emily, if under this asumption and she is trying to make a good outcome; that’s a will. If she has a will for good, she must have a sway for right or wrong. Only emotion can supply that.


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