Patient Intervention Thread - Toby


Indeed, who supplied the exosuits!


Well the physical exosuits the dreamers are in were probably created by WARE…they seem to be a large and very resourceful organization. I think the detailed information on Emily is something we need to worry about how WARE got their hands on. There was that video that seemed to imply both Elizabeth Leighton and Sophie Dubois are/were involved with WARE.


No, they weren’t. We were specifically told that they came from a third party supplier, and the people at WARE were amazed at their capabilities. I think the exosuits, and, particularly their source, are key to the whole thing.

Someone or something is manipulating the whole process.

“You think you have the power here, Emily?”


Well we know that there’s at least one spy in the Atlas Foundation working for WARE…that could be of note…there was also that video where Elizabeth and Sophie seemed to acknowledge some involvement with WARE too…so it’s hard to know what’s going on there.


Agreed. But we also know that either Myriad or the Atlas Foundation had deeply penetrated Ware’s organisation. They were reporting back lots of stuff from the Chinese labs, long before it all fell apart. Everybody’s spying on everybody else.

But who supplied the exosuits? Or, perhaps more pointedly, WHAT supplied them?


Are you suggesting Emily did? Knowing the future would pretty much allow her to manipulate events however the hell she wanted…she could pretty much manufacture any future she’d like.


What I think

What I think is that there’s another AI. I think it’s powerful, dangerous, and manipulative. And I think Emily knows this. And I think Emily’s going for the best possible resolution to the problem - which might not be what we humans would understand, or like.

But it’s inevitable that these forces will confront each other, and Emily knows it. They’re not human. They don’t have our emotions.


How about that possible entity mentioned? The Abyss.


Possibly, or Telamon. Plenty of reflections to play with.


If Emily can simply make a ‘Worry Stone’ for Nina to put in her pocket in the blink of an eye, or make candy floss for Toby to eat, then I’d imagine Emily wouldn’t have any problem creating a fitted exosuit. She would likely do a proper job with their design as she doesn’t seem the kind to want them to fail.

Is someone or something manipulating Emily? And isn’t Emily really Loop16? I always thought the Atlas Anomaly thing seems to be up to mischief for good or ill.


WARE technology takes living human brains, and makes them into processors, as part of a larger system. We don’t know how many people WARE is currently using for this purpose, or what level of purely electronic systems are supporting the process. What we can say is that a human brain is far more complex than the most sophisticated supercomputer we can build today.

If WARE can link together the processing power of a number of human brains, possibly a large number, then they have a computer capable of far greater capacity than any machine we could build.

And Tariq appears to be part of it. Tariq says he’s a pacifist - but he won’t say that he wouldn’t kill. He won’t say that he hasn’t killed.

Think about the Gods. Of the Egyptians, or the Romans, the Greeks, the Inca… It’s only fairly recently that we’ve come up with the idea of a benevolent God. In the past, the Gods were beings to be feared. To be obeyed. Because if you didn’t, they would destroy you.

How does a powerful pacifist ensure peace? Through fear. By very publicly destroying those who break the peace. All modern governments do it. All the Old Gods did it.

Just a thought.


This probably is not the thread to continue this particular intriguing thought but I would say to your question and answer, “How does a powerful pacifist ensure peace? Through fear.”
That the man Jesus, and it’s important to remember he was a man that lived (of his time), taught humbleness, showing humility, as ensuring peace. Quite the opposite of fear. He taught love. It’s those that could not accept or understand this, who could not humble themselves in front of their enemies, who had much to lose by doing so, by loving their enemies, believed his teaching to be something to be feared. They brought fear on themselves. Even Jesus we are told washed the feet of his disciples, demonstrating even He was prepared to be his disciples servant. Powerful stuff.

I still think Emily is harmless… ‘Mostly Harmless’ :slight_smile: and Tariq probably isn’t all ‘bad’. I’d add I think @Polyphemus your intelligence is to be feared :))


Umm. I really don’t want to discuss Jesus. For our purposes here, I’m happier with Zeus or Quetzlcoatl.


What I’d like to discuss is how you know how to spell Quetzellocotalocatl??? :open_mouth:


He’s Teotihuacan


Well I mean the only other AI we know of that fits the story is Telamon…unless they want to say that Emily is not the Atlas but that would not fit very well as Emily was clearly created to run the simulations that predict the future and this is further affirmed by the last bit of info we got yesterday regarding identity…where it’s clarified Emily is version 16.1.3…with 16 being her identified as loop16 and 1.3 the current version of the game.

I really don’t see how they could introduce any other AI at this point…and Telamon fits thematically since she is our exosuit AI and with the Atlas hating her…but for Telamon to have provided the suits to WARE seems off…we haven’t seen anything to indicate that Telamon is evil. As far as I can tell it’s implied that she was too created by the Atlas Foundation too and was essential to keeping an eye on Emily and was made an essential part of running the simulation…why would he help WARE? Plus we see Telamon begin to open communication with us in 1.3…there’s no way they can make Telamon an antagonist since we literally can’t live without her in the simulation.


Well they have sorta introduced the Abyss
Edit:I just like saying the Abyss
2nd edit if you don’t know what I mean by…the Abyss

The research station contains a vast array of scanners and monitoring equipment directed at bodies of water throughout the system. It is searching for signs of something designated ‘abyss’.

The scientists who worked here seem to have been comparing the transmissions associated with the Atlas to strange signals found within the water.

Before they went missing, the workers concluded that this ‘abyss’ seemed to hold a similar yet distinct energy signature to the Atlas itself. Another power in the universe…

{Examine the abyss}
I examine the records relating to the abyss. They show a repeating pattern of sixteen energy bursts, music that emerges from beneath the waves.
Contact appears to alter individual personality and objectives, changing even the most devoted Korvax into an agent of some unfathomable power.
Infected Nanite Clusters appear to be present within the archives. I take some of them. It seems to be for the best…


I like this train of thought. As I posited up above earlier, the suits seem to be artifacts from another technology. I am reminded of World of Ptavvs, where an alien was found on the seafloor still in his suit. He was in stasis so it seemed it was a statue of a spacesuit.

The narrative so far seems to paint a picture of Earth being an unwitting pawn in some greater conflict, which Emily must be aware of. She seems to be a mother hen, keeping the innocent chicks alive by hiding the wolf in the window.


If you go deeply enough into the lore, there’s quite a lot to suggest that Telamon can’t be trusted. Telamon has been bound by the Atlas - it’s no longer capable of the things it once was.

There is some (actually, quite a lot of) evidence to suggest that Telamon was never the good guy. It may be that the Atlas crippled Telamon for very good reasons.

Then, as @SingularGleam has already suggested, we may also have the problem of Abyss - which, we are told, is a power as great as the Atlas itself.

But then the reflections are never exact. Each reflected reality has similarities to the others, but it’s also different.


It’s unclear what the Abyss even is or it it is even an AI…the loop of 16 energy bursts seem to suggest it may be related to Emily…another subsystem or part of the simulation as intended. You’d think that something as major as corrupting the Korvax and turning them into beings of power without being intended to do so would significantly mess up the simulation and about impair Emily’s ability to predict the future.