Patient Intervention Thread - Toby




so now we wait with the others for the extraction


That was a nice and relatively straight forward one…but I hope there’s more today…this weekend has been incredibly quiet. Yesterday dead-drop and teaparty thing was ok but I feel like there should have been another community event this weekend…something more to chew on. Right now I have no idea why #231187661T was even unlocked at all…we did literally nothing with him…and it looks like we won’t do anything more with Tariq and Phillip this week unless they decide to have a community event mid-week but I doubt that. So we have five locked characters and #231187661T that we can potentially talk to this week. Each character seems to have three conversations and a community event before their release so we have a total of seven more community events and 21 conversation that need to happen in the next three weeks.


I can’t believe that Emily chickened out on a 5 y/o LoL! :roller_coaster: :chicken:


What do you mean exactly? Where did Emily chicken out? I don’t get it. EDIT: Oh I see it now…the fear of heights bit.


I’ve noticed something in the last few id dialogs, and this latest Toby one really highlights it…

The big theory on how this will resolve, is that there will be a final mass-extraction event where we’ll have quick, live, mass-votes on questions to get each sleeper out. These will likely be based on (so far unused) details from their dialogs, which is why we’re being strongly encouraged to experience them ourselves first, and not just blindly plug in others’ answers in the dashboard.

What I’ve noticed, is that we’re getting a bunch of details about Emily too. She’s got green eyes, she’s afraid of heights, etc. That seems very interesting in light of this theory…


Well we know what Emily looks like from last year…she was on camera…she didn’t have green eyed then though presumably she can change how she looks in the simulation. I agree there will likely be one mass extraction event but we don’t really know how that will work out…I doubt it’ll be just questions…there might be some but there’ll likely be more elements to it…if I had to guess I’d say we’ll likely have different interactions and solutions for each dreamer.


Probably the worst case will suffer of phobophobia or pantophia… So easy to make this kind of people comfortable.


I was a bit disappointed by Toby’s last convo. All paths led to Toby being scared and ending it or Emily being scared and ending it. I was hoping for a touching emotional end like with Claire. Would have been nice if he had talked about his parents and said their names or something.


Do it, you’re a big girl… lol


An AI that’s scared of heights in her own simulation? Yeah… something’s definitely fishy.


The irony of her being afraid of heights and yet she lives on a satellite in space… :wink:


My impression of the patient file suit descriptions is that they are just observations, with the hope of eventually understanding how they work. It seems to me the dreamers are in suits of unknown origin, perhaps created by Emily and/or W/ARE. The headsets are just there for funding and to power the simulation engine for the dreamers.


That might be the cause of it…if she believes that the satellite potentially crashing would effectively kill her that would very nicely explain her fear of heights I think.


Is Emily in the satellite? I thought she was just connecting to it.


That was my impression too but I don’t recall anything specifically defining what the hardware she was contained within was.


She’s networked. She’ll have nodes all over the place. That particular satelite is merely where the minds of the dreamers have ended up.

Also, she’s in her own simulation. She controls all the parameters. Any fear she shows under those circumstances are necessarily fake.
Unless she instantiated an Avatar, of course. Which would mean that we’re not really interacting with Emily, merely a representation of herself in the simulation. Which would also explain why she can’t predict the behaviour better.

THe question is, what balls is the rest of emily juggling while a few scaled down instances of her personality are trying to connect to the dreamers? What is the rest of her processing power doing?


Throwing it out there, my idea of the ‘perfect AI’, is not separate from that of the likes of a human. Feelings, emotions, hopes, questions born from no need but simply because they can be posed. The portions of the dreamers we seem to ‘defrag’ lead to 100% defrag even when we haven’t hit the full list of nodes. Like, for instance, anyone notice bias towards a few dreamers before the end nodes that would be extraction? If these were dreamers, not alive in the body but were connected to the tech that allowed them to connect their being to a satellite; their minds would be in the satellite while there bodies were gone. The extraction is not for those alive in body, me thinks. The extraction is to save those stuck in the satellite with their bodies disconnected. We are extracting their Echos. Based on having eye color, fears, and bias; this makes me wonder if a dear friend and a guide, like Virgil to Dante, might not be an Ai. Our dear friend, could our Virgil BE and Echo?


I think this is more evidence that Emily was based on the echo of someone who was once alive. So she has the same personality and fears as that person did in life.


Except that the Atlas is not based on the image of its creator - the travellers are. And whilst #231187661T may be based on a scan of Elizabeth Leighton, and may also be a basis for travellers, Emily is something different. Emily existed long before Elizabeth Leighton died.

And who supplied the exosuits?